NEW models, photographers and artists, and some gorgeous new artwork from legacy Model Society members.
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You don't have to change the world to be surrounded by beauty. All you have to do is learn to see.


What do you see when you look at others? Or for that matter ... what do you see when you look in the mirror?

It seems like a lot of people have pretty strong opinions about beauty. I hear passionately expressed descriptions of "what is beautiful" and even more passionate explanations of "what is not beautiful". The interesting thing, is that no two of these opinions are ever the same ... just as no two bodies, faces or even fingerprints are the same.

So who's right?

If you think about it ... everyone is. A person is only beautiful (in your world) if you see them as beautiful. It's really that simple.

I would argue that seeing beauty is a skill.

Like any skill, it's something we can all get better at, and one way to get really good at anything, is to learn from experts.

The members of Model Society offer you human beauty as seen through the eyes of experts. The artists who create these images are FANTASTIC at seeing human beauty. They see beauty in the shape of a body, the expression of an emotion and the depth of the human spirit.

While our models, photographers and artists have a wide range of talents (that all combine to result in beautiful art), it's their capacity to see beauty, that brings all of these other talents to life.

If you want a profound lesson in experiencing human beauty visit us at Model Society and Model Society Magazine, where an entire community of world class artists come to share their gifts.

We invite you explore your own talent for seeing beauty. Take a closer look at whoever you meet, and ask yourself how much beauty can you see? How much beauty do you want to see?

Please share and enjoy!!

David Bollt
Founder, Model Society

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We're looking for inspiring images that celebrate human beauty as a true work of art. We're looking for images that honor the esthetic tradition of figurative art AND that expand how people relate to beauty.
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