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Tjep. Hema Beauty
Tjep. designs Hema Beauty

Tjep. writes Dutch retail design history together with Hema through the creation of a stand alone and juxtaposed in-store beauty store concept. Last weekend, Hema Beauty opened in the flagship Kalverstoren store in Amsterdam and in the popular Barteljorisstraat in Haarlem, as well as in a large number of shop-in-shop positions throughout the Hema network in the Netherlands.

“What does the modern woman want?” was the starting point of a design investigation that revealed how to deliver a new and successful cosmetics retail experience through an inspirational in-store environment. Reviewing the unique retail concept,  Vogue stated “Don’t miss it, the very stylish Hema Beauty, an experience as found at high-end international luxury brands.” and said “It's like being in a luxury beauty shop, but then with extremely convenient and very affordable beauty products.” The design also incorporates a brilliant innovation from Philips, mirrors with special lighting that enables people to see how their makeup looks in different lights, from bright natural daylight to the softly-lit environs of a nightclub.

Frank Tjepkema commented, "Colour and fashion are the elements that tie the whole concept together visually and then a tremendous amount of effort went into creating the optimal product browsing, product categorization and information approach in close collaboration with the Hema team." 

This new project highlights Tjep.'s growing reputation as a leading design agency of choice in the field of commercial space, building on the platform of other projects at major retail locations in Amsterdam center and Schiphol airport, as well as two special forthcoming developments at De Bund in Shanghai and the remote Fogo island in Canada.

Tjep. Hema Beauty
Tjep. Hema Beauty
Tjep. Hema Beauty
Tjep. Hema Beauty

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