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ISSUE 36, 19 JAN 16

Um … About That American Libraries Article we Wrote

Publishing Agendas

An account by Stewart Varner detailing the behind-the-scenes fallout from his and Patricia Hswe's American Libraries article and what happened next. If you scroll down in the comments you can see a response from Harmony Faust (heh) on behalf of Gale who were the commercial partners for the survey that's at the centre of the piece.

The Wikipedia Library/1Lib1Ref – Meta

Imagine a World Where Every Librarian Added One More Reference to Wikipedia

The #1Lib1Ref campaign runs from the 13th – 25th of April and during that time the aim is for every librarian to add an article to Wikipedia (and tag it with #1Lib1Ref).
hat tip: jessamyn

You are not What you Read: Librarians Purge User Data to Protect Privacy

Trimming Your Data Trail

Library services at the Graduate Center at the City University of New York have committed to removing users' interlibrary loan data, with the aim of "only keep a rolling history of one year or less".

Reflections on Work/Life Balance and Academic Librarianship

Part of the ACRLog/HLS Collaboration

Sveta Stoytcheva, Humanities Librarian at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa, reflects on meeting the demands of an academic library role without burning out.

The New York Public Library's Remarkable New Digital Collection

More Public Domain Collections to Explore

The New York Public Library recently announced the release of 187,000 images into the public domain, including postcards, maps, etchings, engravings, photographs and illustrations. Dive in!

Library Web Filtering Removes Info Access for Vulnerable, Says Shushing Collective

Shushing Collective! [Future Band Name? – Ed.]

The Radical Librarians Collective have shared data they've collated from various FOIA requests that shows how content filtering by local authorities in the UK prevents people from accessing the information they need in relation to sexual health, abortions, and LGBT information, for example.

Information Literacy and the Surveillance Society

All Your Data Are Belong to Us

A brief write-up and reflection on Ian Clark's recent presentation on surveillance, libraries and digital inclusion, to CILIP’s Multimedia Information and Technology (MmIT) Group. Ian has links to his slides from the talk and more information here.

Top Books Read in 2015

The 2015 Worldreader Book Report

The Worldreader, an organisation that works to share free digital books around the world, have released the list of the most read books on mobile devices in 2015 across Asia and Africa.

Amazon Lockers in Libraries

A .Gov.UK Case Study

It's only a brief case study, but interesting nonetheless to see how libraries are trying to find new income streams – in this instance by providing lockers for Amazon delivery collection. An unexpected partnership.

New York Public Library Invites a Deep Digital Dive

Deep Digital Dive?

While covering the recent release of a huge collection of images from the NYPL (mentioned above), this article also touches on NYPL Labs interesting plan to offer Remix Residencies, with financial support for projects that use their public-domain materials.

Helsinki University Library Opens its Data for the General Public

Sixth Law of Library Science? Open Library Data for All

Good to see: Helsinki University Library has made its library data available for re-use in JSON format. This includes the library catalogue data, subject data and library opening hours.

CES 2016 Is Your Library’s Technology Crystal Ball

Consumer Electronics for Libraries

A look at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and why new technology unveiled there may well be of interest to libraries.

Do you Remember the Berenstein Bears Rather Than the Berenstain Bears From Your Childhood?

A librarian-made handout capturing that all-important 'Berenst(a/e)in Bears Parallel Universe Theory'. Adult Services Department of Carnegie-Stout Public Library, we salute you.

Data Visualization for the Rest of Us

No Corporate Sponsorship Present, we Checked

Linda Hofschire, an analyst at Library Research Service at Colorado State Library (CSL), shares her "four simple tweaks to make numbers and charts more accessible" from her “Data Visualization for the Rest of Us: A Beginner’s Guide” workshop.

Bibliographic Framework (BIBFRAME) in Action

A Presentation Recorded at the Library of Congress (Video)

It's an hour and fifteen minutes long and has 7 (!) different speakers from the Library of Congress but it's worth it if you're interested in the Linked Data and post-MARC initiatives. From a LoC event in October.

Webinar: Learning Analytics: Gaining Good Actionable Insight

Free Webinar on 26 January 2016: 2pm (UK time)

A free webinar by Martin Hawksey, Chief Innovation, Community and Technology Officer for the Association for Learning Technology organised by the UK Serials Group.

"Rethinking the Library Services Platform"

Second HELibTech Briefing Paper (January 2016)

Lack of interoperability is still the big issue with library systems, including the new batch of Library Service Platforms.

The Quest for Diversity in Library Staffing: From Awareness to Action

In the Library with the Lead Pipe (January 13, 2016)

An (American-centric) look at survey data on workforce diversity, specifically with a libraries workforce focus.

Proceedings From the Annual Meeting of the Document Academy | University Press Managed | University of Akron

Lots on documents (as to be expected), but there's also an excellent array of articles on libraries too, including: 'Public Libraries Worked in the Tohoku Mega-disaster' by Andreas Vårheim and 'The Role of the Libraries in the Norwegianization Policy 1880-1905' by Geir Grenersen.

Exactly: A New Tool for Digital File Acquisitions

Delivery for Born-Digital Resources

A new tool for born-digital acquisition and delivery, Exactly is for "remotely and safely transferring any born-digital material from a sender to a recipient".

The Quest for Deeper Meaning of Research Support

Free (PDF) Book

Online proceedings from the IFLA preconference, 'The Quest for Deeper Meaning of Research Support', given a Creative Commons CC-BY-ND license at the end of December, so you can now freely access all ten chapters.

Making Library Makers: An Intro

Free Workshop in London: 16 February from 18:00 to 20:30

Artefacto and the Makercart project have teamed up to offer a free intro workshop for library staff interested in makerspaces and making.

This event will provide an introduction into the world of Making in Libraries through a mix of discussions and practical, hands-on activities.

Limited places available.
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