No. 18 - Supporting Douglas Support
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Dear Clansmen and Clanswomen,

This newsletter is something of a 'Special Edition'.  I want to draw your attention to a bit of Douglas heritage that is soon to go through a transformation - with our help.

The Historic Douglas Support Estate has been part of the extensive land holdings in Lanarkshire, in central Scotland, for many centuries.  Over those centuries, most particularly in the last two to three hundred years, much of it has been developed and passed into other hands.  This is a normal element of social development, and now it is time for this parcel of land to move out of Douglas ownership.

This part of Lanarkshire has been known by several names, but it became 'Douglas Support' in recognition of the contibution that the family played in 'The Douglas Cause' supporting Duchess Peggy Douglas against claims made by the then Duke of Hamilton.

Today, the Historic Douglas Support Estate is a fragment of land, devoid of the original mansion house and estate properties, and is under threat from developers.

The local community aim the buy the land to protect and preserve it for future generations. They have already raised 95% of the money needed, but still have to raise another £20,000 to complete the deal.

Yours aye,

William Douglas
The Douglas Archives
Location of Douglas Support
A proposal to develop the Historic Douglas Support Estate, which has been halted pending plans for a community acquisition.  This area is currently open fields and woodlands
The Monteath Douglas Mausoleum is a grand Victorian monument, standing alone on the skyline in the Scottish Borders above the village of Ancrum. The building was in a semi-derelict condition, and on the Buildings at Risk Scotland Register.  However, it has just been retored and has it's formal 'Grand Opening' on 7th July 2019.
I am hearing that the trilogy telling the story of the Douglas Clan and the Scottish Wars for National Independence by Dr. Deborah Richmond Foulkes may be used as the basis of a new TV series - or film .
Can anyone shed light on this?
Douglas Support
In 1691, the estate was named Haggs, and in the possession of Edinburgh merchant Archibald Hamilton, who had acquired the estate from heavily indebted Sir Alexander Hamilton MP's trustees and renamed it Rosehall.  In 1757, it passed to Archibald Hamilton of Dalzell, whose eldest son James Hamilton sold Rosehall in 1783.

By now, the land had risen in value due to a combination of the minerals below it and the construction of the Monkland Canal, which enabled coal to be transported easily. Alexander Houston, Governor-General of Grenada, acquired the estate and made extensive alterations to the house, but he sold off some of the land before finally disposing of the rest to Archibald Douglas, a nephew of Margaret, Duchess of Douglas.  She had died in 1774 bequeathing him the residue of her estate to be styled Douglas Support. 

The estate passed to Rev. Sholto Douglas Campbell Douglas, who also succeeded to the Blythswood estates.  But tragedy struck in July 1908 when first his wife, Violet Mary Paget died and then the house burnt down, destroying many relics dating back to Robert the Bruce.  It was, however, covered by insurance and Douglas Support was rebuilt, with the addition of a chapel.

The mine workings under the estate continued under the house, and by 1932 it was unsafe and was demolished.

The last of the tenant farmers died in February 2018 and the land now lies fallow, the once beautiful gardens are untended, though still rich with interesting plants and trees.

Plans were drawn up to build offices and factories on the site, but the surviving members of the Douglas family have offered it to the local community who are keen to keep their 'green lung' in an otherwise area of commercial and industrial development.
Rev. Sholto Douglas Campbell Douglas and the armorial for him and his wife, Violet Mary Paget
The now demolished Douglas Support mansion house
Meet Robert the Bruce and James Douglas at Aberdour Castle on Sat 13 July & Sun 14 July. Wander through the living history camp, see the weapons of the time in the armoury, watch the cooks in the medieval kitchen, have a go at some games and try your hand at calligraphy with real iron gall ink! 
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The Douglas Archives are held in three sections: The genealogy database, the history and biographical section and our community forum. All grow in size, almost daily, though it must be admitted that December was a slow month.

Many of the changes are small; minor detail alterations, corrections, and maybe an image added.  These are often a result of a kind contributor making contact and sharing knowledge.

At today's count, the history section has 8,883 files and 5,483 images. The genealogy section records details of 182,314 individuals in 76,029 families. 

I am grateful to all those who have helped build this collection, and help to keep me right.

A Lock Sicker!
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