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October 10, 2014
League News
Halfway through the league and things are tightening up.  Here are the current standings after week 3:

    TEAM                      Won        Loss

1) Sweet Sweet Nectar    3              0

2) HMBIATC                    2              1

3) Curls Gone Wild            2              1

4) Atomic Rocks               1              2

5) Simon Sez                   1              2

6) Girls Rock                    0               3

The current standings as well as the upcoming schedule are posted at the website each week for your convenience.

Learn to Curl

Our next Learn to Curl sessions will be held October 19 and 26.  Be at the arena at 8:45 pm to sign up.   For further info, visit our website.
Curling Considerations
In our ongoing mission to help you further understand the game and enhance your enjoyment of it, our Curling Considerations column discusses different aspects of curling from rules, to on-the-ice etiquette, to equipment, to how the game flows.  If you have questions about anything curling related, feel free to email us at and we'll address your question in an upcoming issue.
When Can I Sweep?
When you're sweeping you are trying to either reduce the amount the stone curls or trying to get the stone to go further.

Sometimes it's a bit confusing, with everything that is going on, when you can sweep your team's stone(s) and when you can sweep the other team's stone(s).   So, we thought we'd take a "shot" at clearing that up.

You can only sweep the other team's stone when it has passed the T-line of the house being thrown to.  (See past issues of "Las Vegas Rocks" if you are not sure where the T-line is.)   You are not allowed to start your sweeping until the stone has actually started to cross the T-line.  And, only one member of your team (either the skip or vice-skip) is allowed to sweep the opposing team's stone.

When can you sweep your own stone?   If appropriate, you can begin sweeping as soon as the stone leaves the thrower's hand.  Typically, however, you wait to see the stone's speed and line (path) before doing any sweeping. Your sweeping can continue all the way down the ice toward the house being thrown to.  Typically, sweepers are called "on" or "off" their sweeping based on the line and speed of the stone.  This may be done multiple times during the same throw.  This call can be made by the skip, the thrower, or the sweepers themselves.

Multiple players on the same team can, of course, sweep their own stone.  And the sweeping can continue all the way into, and even out of, the house.   There is no restriction on when you can sweep your own stone within the house (i.e., you can sweep before the T-line or even after the T-line, if desired.)  However, once your stone has crossed the T-line, only one member of your team can sweep your stone (it can be any one of your team members as long as there is only one person sweeping.)

Once a stone is behind the T-line, the throwing team has the first privilege of sweeping its own stone, but it must not obstruct or prevent its opponent from sweeping the stone.

Finally, you can sweep stone(s) that were in play and stationary, after they are hit by other stones.  Same rules apply though -- you can sweep your team's stones anywhere they are located on the ice, but you can only sweep the opposition team's stone once it crosses the T-line in the house.  And, once a stone crosses the T-line of the delivery house, only one sweeper is permitted from each team whether it's your stone being swept or the opposition's stone being swept.

Oh, and if you touch/hit the stone while sweeping, remember that the stone is "burned" and you should call that out so the other team's skip can decide what to do with the stone (don't stop the stone after you've touched it, just keep playing.  The opposing skip has the choice of what action to take, if any.)
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