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September 9, 2014
New Start Time This Sunday
If you are signed up for league, you should have received an email from us already, but just in case...

This fall the arena is experiencing a high volume in their hockey department which has led to sold out ice time on both ice rinks. With the weekend event tournaments pushing the time schedule on Sundays, and the added hockey programs, we have been pushed to a later time slot than we were originally promised. We are now going to have to start our leagues at 9:10 p.m. instead of the 8:30 p.m. slot. We apologize for the later start time, but we have no control over ice time availability. We truly hope that you will continue to curl with us at this later time slot (we will work on getting earlier start times for future leagues.)
League News
We're ready to go with the first week's matchups this Sunday. Per recent emails, note the revised start time of 9:10 pm  (sorry, the ice rink did it to us.)  Matchups, sheet assignments, standings, etc.  will be posted at the website and will be updated weekly.

Beginner's league will also begin at 9:10 pm this Sunday.  

Everyone check in by 9:00 pm so we can be ready to prep the ice and get the action started.

Summer League Awards

Join us this Sunday at 8 pm (prior to curling) at Brooksy's for the Summer League awards.

Learn to Curl

Learn to Curl will be held this Sunday at 9:10 pm at the Las Vegas Ice Arena.

Be at the arena at 8:45 pm to sign up.   For further info, visit our website.
Curling Considerations
In our ongoing mission to help you further understand the game and enhance your enjoyment of it, our Curling Considerations column discusses different aspects of curling from rules, to on-the-ice etiquette, to equipment, to how the game flows.  If you have questions about anything curling related, feel free to email us at and we'll address your question in an upcoming issue.
Burning a Stone
Like any sport, curling is full of it's own terminology.  One of these is "burning a stone".  

Burning a stone, in the simplest terms, simply means touching a stone, while it is moving, when it shouldn't have been touched.

The only time a stone should be touched is by a thrower, in the process of throwing the stone.

If a stone is touched at any other time, while it is moving, whether by hand, other body part, or a curling broom, the stone is "burned."  

What happens next is determined by where the stone was when it was touched.  If the stone was between the tee line at the delivering end and the hog line at the playing end, and is touched by the delivering team, the touched stone is removed immediately from play by that team.

If the stone has crossed the hog line at the playing end and is then touched or "burned", then once the stone has come to rest, the opposing team's Skip (i.e., the team that did NOT burn the stone) has the option of what to do with that burned stone (and any stones it affected.)   The options are:

1) remove the stone from play (and reset any affected stones)
2) keep the stone in play right where it ended up (after being burned)
2) put the stone back, along with any stones affected, where it would have been if it had not been burned (as best as can be determined)

The Skip of the opposing team makes the above choice - the team that burned the stone has no say in the matter.

The player who burned the stone is expected to call the infraction in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

Note:  If a stone is stationary and is touched, this does not constitute burning.  In this case, if the stone is moved, it is simply put back where it was before it was touched.
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