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Newsletter October 2014


Members' meeting on October 6th about the Future of the Education Network
At this meeting the future of the Education Network will be discussed. With the merge of the NGO FORUM and Concord Denmark and the formation of Globalt Fokus changes will come for the different networks under the NGO Forum. The Education Network will not exist in its present form and with the current regulations after January 1st 2015. But what will happen then? Come and join the debate on the future cooperation between the member organizations - and wether it can be continued in other or new forms.
The meeting will start out with a presentation of the analysis of the experience gathering by the Education Network, where stories of change / most significant change stories from the member organizations has been collected. Afterwords there will be a discussions of the findings. The goal of this experience gathering is to capture and describe the effect that the Education Network initiatives have had in member organizations and how this can contribute to future cooperation.
The meeting will take place Monday October 6th, at 16.30-19.00 at IBIS, Vesterbrogade 2B, Copenhagen.

Read more and register for the meeting via the calendar on the homepage here.

The Education Network participated in the UN General Assembly last week
The Education Network's GCE representative participated in the UN General Assembly New York last week. GCE had a side event: 'The Transformational Power of Education' - A World of Dignity, with the launch of Sebastião Salgado's inspiring photography exhibition Genesis. Together with civil society partners, GCE chose to explore the crucial role education plays in securing sustainable development. The venue was packed full of special guests, including high-level speakers from the Danish Government, UNICEF and UNESCO.
The UN Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) held a high-level event during the UN General Assembly. World leaders, ministers and leading education advocates came together with a united message that quality education for all is a priority. The event "Quality Education for the World We Want" was hosted by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, with a keynote address delivered by the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. The First Lady spoke passionately about girls' right to education, and other speakers pointed out the grave consequences of denying education to children in areas of conflict. The Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning Schmidt, gave a speech on quality education, where she emphasized quality education and teachers: "It is very difficult to give a simple definition of “quality education”. But I think there are some almost universal elements: First of all, we need quality teachers. Professional and stimulating teachers are crucial to ensure that our children acquire the necessary skills and knowledge," she stated. GCE President Camilla Croso gave a speech focused on the education development agenda beyond 2015 and the challenges that lie ahead, including key dimensions on financing and teachers which are currently absent from the sustainable development goals targets.
Read about the GCE event on the Transformational Power of Education here.
Read about the event Quality Education for the World we want here.
Find the speach of the Danish Prime Minister here.
Shout Ban Ki-moon up with your child's voice
IBIS wants to give children the opportunity to tell the UN Secretary General, what a good teacher is, to remind him how important it is to go to school and have a good teacher.
What does it mean to have a good teacher? This question can children in Denmark answer. But there are still 57 million children in the world who can not, beacuse they are not in school. When we talk about education and schools, it is, strangely enough, always the adults who talk. Politicians, parents and teachers are debating policy objectives and reforms. However, the children - all children - have the smaller voice, even though they are the ones who will have to live with the big decisions of the adults.
The issue of a good teacher is of great interest at the moment. These days, the adults in the United Nations discuss which new post-2015 development goals shall be on the agenda, when the expiration date of the current 2015 targets are exceeded.
The school must have quality: "Quality Education for all is paramount. A country with a highly educated population have far greater opportunities to combat poverty, to be more just and more democratic," says Sanne Müller, education consultant at IBIS.
Ask your child and join the voices in the call for good teachers via this link. (In Danish)


Quality Education in Education Network
The serires of After Work-meeting in the Education Network is finalised with three exciting presentations with many good discussions and exchanges of experiences. The After Work-meetings were based on the survey among member organizations of the Education Network andt the two main themes were teachers' competences and cooperation between schools and communities. You can find the results from the survey and minutes from the meetings on the homepage.

The report from the conference on "Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2013/4" on April 1st 2014 is now available
This spring the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Research, the Education Network, Child- and Youth Network and the Danish National Commission for UNESCO invited for an exciting afternoon with presentations of national and international perspectives and debate about the latest Global Monitoring Report 2013/4. The report "Teaching and learning: Achieving quality for all" showed why education is essential for development and explains how to invest wisely in teachers and reforms aimed at strengthening the quality of learning, ensuring longer-term opportunities for people and communities.
Download the report from the conference here.
Or find the total material of presentations from the conference on the homepage.

Scaling up EU impact on education post-2015
The Education Network participated and supported the conference on Scaling up EU impact on education post-2015. Now the report from the conference is available and presents the results from a survey on EU support for education in development countries. "The current report provides an important source of information and basis for further dialogue between platforms of organisations active in education and development outside the EU and strengthening these platforms /networks and their interactions with EU institutions. The report comes up with a number of recommendations on areas in which the EU could enhance its impact on education. The EU has the opportunity to stand out as a role model in the financing of education: through a planned progression towards achievement of the 20% commitment and in delivering a commitment commensurate with its leadership role in the upcoming GPE replenishment."
The full version and a summary are available in English on IBIS's homepage here.
A short Danish version i available here.


The Right to Education Global Database was launched on September 24th
The global database on the right to education is designed to be a practical tool for monitoring, research and advocacy. It provides access to 195 country profiles and already hosts a library of over 1,000 documents including constitutions, legislations and policies on education in countries around the world. The idea of developing such a database was born a few years ago. The objective was to offer a tool to strengthen the fundamental human right to education and spread information to the public on implementation at country level. Thanks to the several development phases, the database now enables users to access rich content through an interactive interface. Providing a broad picture of the right to education, the database is also a practical tool for daily work, giving access to country profiles, the library of documents and advanced search functions.
The objective of the database is to keep it up to date and constantly enriched.
Find the Right to Education Global Database here.

UNESCO is inviting written proposals from individuals for the work assignment of a Maternity Cover - Communications and Advocacy Specialist
Under the supervision of the Director of the Education for All Global Monitoring Report, and working with the Social Media and Web Manager, the Communications and Advocacy Specialist will lead on the dissemination of the annual edition of the GMR to policymakers and the media, implementing an already conceived communications strategy. Find the full description here.

Job advert for a post as Pool Funding Advisor in Globalt Fokus
The new Danish civil society platform, Globalt Fokus, was founded on 27 May 2014 and it will continue to work with many of the themes and areas which NGO FORUM and Concord Denmark handled before the merge. One of the tasks is the administration and management of a pool to support joint capability development, which since 2009 has been managed by the Danish CSO environment.
The Pool Funding Adviosr's primary responsibilities will be advisory, coordination, monitoring, communication, documentation and management of the Funds for Support of Capacity Development Initiatives (pool). The pool has an annual budget of approximately 2.5 million DKK, which is granted on the basis of applications for funding for specific capacity development initiatives. 
Read more and find the job advert here.



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