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The Education Network's
Newsletter 27th November 2014


UNESCO Education for Sustainable Development conference was held in Nagoya, Japan, November 10th to November 12th.
The purpose of the conference was to celebrate the decade of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and to adapt a follow up Global Action Programme proposed by the UN summit 2014. As part of the conference a declaration on ESD were drafted and adopted by the 1100 participants.
The representative of the Danish Education Network, Helle Gudmandsen participated on behalf of the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) board. GCE and Education International (EI), represented by, Dennis Sinyolo, advocated for and ensured inclusion of input about civil society, lifelong learning and the role of teachers in the final declaration.
GCEs participation in this conference was an opportunity to influence and keep the broad understanding of quality education as part of a stand alone post2015 goal and keep ESD included in the goal.
Find the Aichi-Nagoya Declaration on Education for Sustainable Development in English here. And in French: Déclaration d’Aichi-Nagoya sur l’éducation au développement durable here. 

Meeting with Global Campaign for Education and the Danish Education Network
On November 18th Charles Tapp, Manager of the Partnerships and External Relations team at the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), and Karen Schroh, Senior Donor Relations Specialist at GPE, visited Denmark. They held a meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They also met with the Danish Education Network and discussed Post2015 and how to ensure and keep education and equity on the agenda. It was discussed how the collaboration between GPE and the different levels of GCE (local, regional and international) can be improved, and furthermore, financing of education was discussed including extra financial support from Norway. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published a "White Paper", called "Education for Development".
Find it here.

Final event by the Debate Caravan on December 2nd: "What are your tax dollars doing in a developing country?"
During this autumn,
Denmark's foreign aid has been discussed all over Denmark through the "Debate caravan on development aid", which has been travelling around the country. The Danish Education network participated in one of the meetings with special focus on education. The "Debate caravan" will have a final event on December 2nd with participation of the Minister for Development Cooperation Mogens Jensen, development organizations and politicians from different parties.
The debate of the final event will focus on rights and justice in developing countries. How does Denmark's development aid contribute to ensure justice and rights in developing countries? And what values characterize our development aid?
Show up and participate in the debate with politicians and organizations.
More information and registartion here.

Request from International Aid Services (IAS) about networking on inclusive education
The International Aid Services (IAS) has contacted the Education Network in order to get in touch with other organizations about networking on inclusive education. IAS works with development and humanitarian projects with focus on Inclusive Education and Special Need Education in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, South Sudan, Somaliland and Ethiopia). IAS works with children who are challenged by mental and physical disabilities, and children who are not included in the school education due to gender and ethnicity.
IAS's intention
 is to become involved in networking with other actors in the field, who have similar key focus areas and being able to exchanging experiences and sharing knowledge about various issues. IAS can offer mutual exchange of experience given many years of work with IE and SNE in particularly East Africa / Horn of Africa, including rich experience in fragile situations.
The purpose of this request is to inquire  whether there is interest and need to participate in or boot an IE-network of relevant organizations.
If you are interested please contact: Julie Pehrson,


Kailash Satyarthi calls on you to End Child Slavery
"Child slavery is undeniably a blatant violation of human rights and a grave violence against children. The incidence of child slavery is an impediment in the way of attainment of education for all which Global March and its partners, has always held as non-negotiable in its fight against child labour. These hard-to-reach category of children miss out on education and learning and thus continue to languish in a vicious circle of poverty and deprivation. The need is for all of us to come together and stand up for the rights of these children.
Global March along with the joint initiators of the ECSW Campaign, urges you to sign the petition that has the power to end the abominable crime of child slavery. This petition will be delivered by hand to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and has the power to put abolition of child slavery on the UN Sustainable Development Goals for the next 15 years. Thus I call upon you to lend a voice to the 5.5 million children trapped in slavery across the globe and help create a better future for them."
Join and sign to end child slavery here.

The Convention on the Rights of Child celebrated 25 years anniversary on November 24th
The Convention on the Rights of the Child is the most rapidly and widely ratified international human rights treaty in history. The Convention changed the way children are viewed and treated – i.e. as human beings with a distinct set of rights instead of as passive objects of care and charity. The unprecedented acceptance of the Convention clearly shows a wide global commitment to advancing children’s rights. In every region of the world, from Brazil to Burkina Faso, Finland to Fiji, Madagascar to Mexico, the Convention has inspired changes in laws and practice that have improved the lives of millions of children. There is much to celebrate as we mark the 25th anniversary of the Convention, from declining infant mortality to rising school enrolment, but this historic milestone must also serve as an urgent reminder that much remains to be done. 
Read more here.
And in Danish here.


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