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June 2013

A hot June ahead!

This June is jam-packed with events to your liking.

Starting with the YO!Fest and JEF Brussels Apéro, continuing with the European Movement's General Meeting.

After a set of interesting conferences, the month will be finishing off with a loud BANG in the shape of first the JEF Liège Event and then the event that you've all been waiting for: the JEF Belgium Annual Barbecue featuring the Massive Federalist Feast.

Don't miss any of it!

And while at it, look into all the great international seminars that will be going on - hurry with the applications, those deadlines are coming up very soon.

See you at the next event!

YO! Fest in Brussels

May 30-31

Yo Federalists! Are you up for some debates, parties and contests at the annual YOuth FESTival?
Come to the square in front of the parliament on Thursday and Friday and join us right there.

If you missed the one last year, the YO! Fest is the annual youth festival organised by the European Youth Forum right outside the European Institutions.

All the details are available on Facebook and on YO! website.

And don't forget to support our JEF debating team on Thursday afternoon!

In the evening on Thursday, JEF Brussels will be hosting their apèro right there at YO! Fest so come to the JEF tent at the European Parliament for a merry time!

JEF Brussels YO! Apero
May 30

JEF Brussels is once again inviting you to the monthly Brussels apéro!

Exams, holidays to book, rain & always rain, busy period at work before July... We all have a reason to be stressed those days, so let's meet and have a drink all together!

You will have the pleasure to meet fellow JEFers, to be involved in interesting debates about the current situation in Europe, in the world, to discuss your political opinions, your vision of federalism, or simply to meet some future good friends! And most importantly: you will get to experience the YO!Fest with its concerts and activities!

So join us for a drink and party after work/school!

Party zone: the JEF stand at the YO!Fest at the EU Parliament
Afterparty & meeting point: Ralph's Bar at Place Luxembourg
When? May 30, from 8 PM onward and late into the night!

As always, everyone is welcome at our events so feel free to bring along your friends or colleagues as well!

European Movement: The General Assembly

June 4

As you know, every paying JEF member is also a member of the European Movement. Which likely means you too! Curious to learn more about it?

Lucky for you, the European Movement Belgium (EMB /EBB) is holding its annual assembly in the next days, the perfect opportunity to get to know it.
The Annual General Meeting of the European Movement Belgium will be held Tuesday, June 4 2013, from 18.30 to 20.00 at the association's headquarters at 63 Avenue d'Auderghem, 1040 Brussels.
On the agenda: The activity report 2012 will be presented in plenary, as well as dismissal of the current and reelection of a new board.
To sign up for the GA, request an application form at and confirm your attendance in advance by returning it to that address.
For any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat of EMB.

AEGEE Conference: Youth Co-management in the EU
June 5-6

AEGEE-Europe and AEGEE-Bruxelles are inviting all JEFers to their conference on co-management system for youth in the EU Institutions.
The objective of the conference, which will be hosted by Hannes Swoboda and which has the support of the European Youth Forum and the Council of Europe, is to open discussion on the need for a bigger involvement of young people in the decision making process of the EU through a co-management system.

Why? Because those steps only will help the EU to have a bigger ownership of the decision from the citizens.
The conference will take place in Brussels on 5th-6th of June 2013.

To apply, please register here.

Constitutional Initiative from the MEPs NOW!
June 26

Join in for a debate on the issue of a Constitutional Initiative from the MEPs - NOW!
The meeting will be co-chaired by Niccolò Rinaldi and Jo Leinen with their MEP colleagues. Following the official statements there will be with a debate among the MEPs and federalists.

To participate, send an email with your data (for EP security reasons: Name, Last name, ID number, Birthdate, Country) to JEF Europe before June 13!

When: On Wednesday 26th June, from 3 until 5.30 pm.
Where: Room JAN4Q1 in the European Parliament in Brussels

JEF Liège: JEF Euregio & Brussels Day
June 29

JEF Liège is organising an exchange with the Young European Federalists Brussels, JEF Maastricht and the Junge Europäer - JEF Aachen on Saturday, the 29th of June.
If this sounds like a nice event (and it will be nice) after the exam period, you're right - IT IS!
So don't hesitate to apply via the email and join in for the massive federalist fun!

When? Saturday 29th of June
Where? Liege, Belgium

10h30 – 11h: Welcome coffee
11h – 12h30: Political simulation & debate
12h30 – 13h30 : Lunch
13h30 – 15h30: Political simulation & debate (end)
15h30-19h : Visit of the city
19h30 : Dinner
22h : Party in “Le Carré”

Depending on the number of people, participants could sleep from Saturday to Sunday in the Youth Hostel of Liege or in JEF Liege member’s places.

Come, join us!

The JEF Belgium Barbecue
July 6

It's that time of the year again!
The Young European Federalists Belgium are inviting you for a barbecue. Catch up on European affairs, win a prize with our European tombola, get to know us a bit better or just drop by to have a nice drink and some food in the sun (hopefully).

The barbecue will be organised on the 6th of July in the garden of LOKO in the centre of Leuven from 14.00 for our local sections and from 16.00 for all JEFfers, federalists, Europeans and friends for a drink and a nice chat with salivating barbecue aromas. You're also welcome to come along later that night!

The price for a full stomach is just 8 euro for JEF members and 11 euro for non-members. To secure your booking (and food!), deposit the sum in the following bank account stating your name (or names):
IBAN: BE79 4352 0218 2133

When: July 6, from 16h00 - Sunrise
Where: Garden LOKO – ’s Meiersstraat 5, Leuven
Registration (EN/NL/FR): HERE

See you in Leuven/Louvain!

Citizenship Workshop in Barcelona

July 3-7

Attention: There are still places free!
In the past year there have been demonstrations all over Spain about the low quality of the democratic system. These protests have been led mostly by young people in an unprecedented manner.
We have remarked that many of the critics that actual democracy was receiving were due to a lack of knowledge about how our democratic systems work. This lack of knowledge is specially marked when dealing with the European level. In the other hand the protest have accurately pointed out that our democracies are improvable.

During the workshop on Citizenship you can learn more about these issues. You'll learn about the concept of citizenship, the rights and duties involved and how citizens can participate in the building of a democratic society.

Date: 3 - 7th July
Place: Barcelona, Spain
Cost: 100€ participation fee (includes accommodation, food, participation in activities, 70% travel reimbursement up to a maximum of 100€)
More information & registration here.

Summer School UNAOC and EF
August 24-31

Application deadline: May 31
The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and Education First (EF) are organising a Summer School end of August. The Summer School will reunite 100 youngsters from all over the world to discuss on global challenges concerning cultural en religious diversity.
Date: 24 - 31st August
Place: Tarrytown, New York, USA 
Cost: Free
More information & registration here.

notify JEF Belgium of your participation if you sign up for the event so we can connect you with other participants. 

Ventotene International Seminar
September 1-6

The "Altiero Spinelli" Institute for Federalist Studies has been organizing an international seminar on the island of Ventotene for 30 years now. This island off the Italian coast was the place where Altiero Spinelli, author of the Federalist Ventotene Manifesto, was imprisoned during the Second World War.

2013, the European year of Citizenship, is witnessing an increasingly serious crisis of sense of belonging to the EU and to nations as economic crisis is worsening. European youth has today a real will to take active part in the “recovery” of the European Union and one of their proposal for a better EU is to promote European federalism.

This active role is exactly what the Ventotene seminar is for! It is undoubtedly a great place to be for those who want to play the most active role in the EU's next step towards true federalism.
With 40 participants and 60 hours of training, debates and participation, you will be well equipped for the future to come!

Date: 1 - 6th September
Place: Ventotene, Italy
Cost: 70€ participation fee (full board, accommodation & 70% of travel costs up to 90€)
More information & registration here.

Please notify JEF Belgium of your participation if you sign up for the event so we can connect you with other participants. 

Save the Date: Discovering Europe's 3Dimensions

September 27

Get ready for a youth exchange in Malta from 20th-27th September 2013.
The cost is free except for 30% of travel costs.
More information coming soon!

Event Calendar

YO! Fest in Brussels
May 30-31
JEF Brussels YO! Apero
May 30
European Movement: General Assembly
June 4
AEGEE Conference: Youth Co-management in EU
June 5-6
Constitutional Initiative from MEPs NOW!
June 26
JEF Liège: JEF Euregio & Brussels Day
June 29
JEF Belgium Barbecue
July 6
Citizenship Workshop Barcelona
July 3-7
Summer School UNAOC and EF
August 24-31
Ventotene International Seminar
September 1-6
Discovering Europe's 3Dimensions
September 27

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