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October 2012

First cross-border seminar on European Solidarity - Solidarity is all around you! 

The first JEF Cross-border Seminar which JEF Belgium co-organised with its sister organisations from the Netherlands, Northrhine-Westphalia, the Region of Lille, and Luxembourg, and which was financially supported by the European Commission's Youth in Action program as well as by the Meuse-Rhine Euregion, took place at the end of September in Maastricht, NL. You can find a concise summary of this fruitful weekend on our blog, written by our JEF Belgium member Cédric!
Also Mathias, political secretary of JEF Belgium, has written an article on European Solidarity for The New Federalist. Check it out! 
But of course, talking and discussing does not change a lot. The seminar was merely a kick-off to more events and activities!
For instance, a resolution drawn up by a majority of JEF Belgium members will be discussed at the Federal Committee of JEF Europe – possibly making the findings of the seminar into a JEF Europe resolution, calling for more European solidarity!
There will be also a Solidarity Action week, from November 5 to 11. All sections will organise awareness raising activities and spread European solidarity!
Next to that, we are calling all JEF organisations, but also YOU to join us in a (at least) cross-border wide photo-action! One of the most typical symbols for solidarity is people holding hands, and to make this extra special, we will form a star together while holding hands! Take a picture of this moment and send it to! We will photoshop all of these pictures into one, so that all of your solidarity will in the end form one European flag! So grab your friends and a camera, dress in yellow, add a little twist to it if you like, and form a star! The JEF Crossborder Network can help you organising it – just approach as at!

Pan-European Action: To stop the crisis - Federal Europe Now!
Pour vaincre la crise, l'Europe fédérale maintenant!
Voor een einde aan de crisis - Federaal Europa NU! 

On the 18th and 19th of October, the European heads of state will convene in Brussels.  The main points on the summit agenda are the banking union, a fiscal union and (as some countries proposed) more political integration. As Young European Federalists, we ask the heads of government, to REALLY make a leap towards a federal union. The previous changes proposed and made have been proven to be insufficient to regain the trust of the markets, and more importantly – the trust of the citizens of our Union.
This is why Federalists across Europe are calling for a constituent convention after the 2014 elections, consisting of representatives of the citizens, the nation-states and the supranational institutions. This convention should prepare plans for a federal constitution bringing together the banking, fiscal, economic and political union for the Euro-zone, giving the Euro-zone the effective and democratic governance structures it needs, as well as the tools and resources to relaunch the European economy; finally, it should allow differentiated stages of European integration, allowing forms of looser integration for those countries who don’t intend to join the Euro.
So join us on October 18th, 18.15 pm.,  at the Esplanade in front of the European Parliament at the railway station Brussels-Luxembourg,  and support our call to “STOP THE CRISIS - FEDERAL EUROPE NOW”.  
Keep an eye on our facebook page and our website for further info on this campaign!

JEF Louvain-la-Neuve - the first section in Wallonia! 

We are proud to present you the first section of JEF Belgium in Wallonia!
Soon we will inform you about all the activities our team is planning in Louvain-la-Neuve. In the meantime, check out their facebook page or contact them at

Want to start a Young European Federalists section in your own city? Be sure to let us know at!

Brussels: You had.... the time of your life on Erasmus?!

Because Erasmus mixes all the young people together and opens the bounders, the European Movement Belgium, JEF Belgium and JEF Brussels organise an event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Erasmus, the program of the European Commission.
Are you between 18 and 35 years old? 
Do you think going on Erasmus was the best choice you have made in your life?
Did you spend the "time of your life" in Erasmus? 
Or you cannot wait to live this experience? 
Then come to our event!
15.30 : Visit of the European Parliament, hosted by a member of the European Parliament
***Note: deadline for registering has passed, however you can still participate in the Apero of course! ***

18.30: Apero at Ralph's bar - Place du Luxembourg 
Have a drink and cheer for Erasmus !
Get free drinks if you know the secret password!
For more info contact

Gent: JEF Gent goes to the movies!

JEF Gent goes to the movies! TICKETS VERKRIJGBAAR AAN €6! We gaan op maandag 15 oktober naar de Deense film 'Jagten' (Kinepolis, 19u50). Stuur een mailtje naar en ontvang alle informatie over plaats van afspreken en betalingswijze. De film is nu al uitverkocht dus bemachtig via ons nog snel een ticket!
Wanneer: maandag, 15 oktober, 19.50. 
Waar: Kinepolis, Gent

Leuven: JEF Leuven European Movie Night

JEF Leuven warmly invites you to their first European Movie Night: a great movie from European soil together with a typical drink and some fingerfood! This time the spotlight will be on Italy!
Join us on Monday, October 15th in Pangaea at 9pm! Bring your pillow for that extra touch!

Gent: JEF Gent - Quiz Night

De jaarlijkse JEF Gent quiz! We vliegen er nog eens goed in met een aantal klassieke rondes en uiteraard een vleugje Europa.  
Het kost je maar €5 per ploegje van 4 personen en er zal een mooie prijzenpot zijn! Mail snel naar en schrijf je in voor een avondje plezier.

In this issue

The first cross-border seminar on European solidarity - find out what happened during that weekend in Maastricht - and how you can get involved in the activities following on from it!

JEF will start rocking also in Louvain La Neuve! 

European-wide action week: Stop the crisis - Federal Europe NOW! 

... and many more events!


Events calendar

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JEF Leuven Get-Together

Leuven, STUK Café, Naamsestraat 96

Visit to the European Parliament and Apéro

JEF Gent goes to the movies

JEF Leuven European Movie Night

Action: Federal Europe NOW! 

JEF Brussels General Assembly

FC Copenhagen

European Solidarity Action Week 
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JEF Gent Quiz Night

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