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April 2013

An Exciting Month Ahead

After a month of hesitation, the spring has finally decided to arrive and with it an exciting array of debates, seminars and other events:
There is something for everyone so look through the newsletter and find yours!

Press Conference: 3% of the EU budget for Erasmus?
April 10

Interested in the press conference on the EU budget for exchange programmes like Erasmus?
Then register for the event Wednesday, April 10 from 10.00 – 10.30 at the European Parliament (Brussels), Raoul Wallenberg Room, ASP 5 G2.
The event with a long list of speakers will be moderated by Simona Pronckutė and translated simultaneously into English, French and German.

The speakers:
Prof. Sofia Corradi, the Professor behind the Erasmus programme (“Mama Erasmus”)
Isabelle Durant (MEP), Vice-President of the EP
Róża Thun (MEP), Member of the Spinelli Group
Gerald Häfner (MEP), Rapporteur European Citizens' Initiative
Liga Kuzmane, Ride for your Rights 2013 (European Charlemagne Youth Prize Nominee)
Andrea Gerosa, Director of ThinkYoung (Brussels based Think-Thank)

Please register for attendance here (include your full name, date of birth, nationality and ID card/passport number and bring that document with you).

Spinelli Debate: Has the Arab Spring Failed?
April 10

Has the Arab Spring failed? Is Europe conspicuously absent? Have the Arab Spring protests calling for democracy and economic justice, just come and gone? These are the questions for the next Spinelli Debate on April 10 from 18:00 to 20:00 at the European Parliament (PHS 3C50).

  • Néguib Chebbi, Leader of the Democratic Progressive Party (Tunisia)
  • Mahmud Gebril, Interim prime minister of Libya during the civil war and former chairman of the National Transition Council.
  • Awn Khasawneh, Former prime minister of Jordan
  • Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Spinelli MEP, Co-President of the Greens/EFA Group
  • Guy Verhofstadt, Spinelli MEP, President of the ALDE Group
  • Isabelle Durant, Spinelli MEP, Vice-President of the European Parliament 
More information and sign-up form here.

Debate: Should the UK's EU membership be renegotiated?
April 11 

The "Should the UK’s EU membership be renegotiated" event, organised by the European Policy Centre, will consist of a debate between two British MEPs with two opposite visions for the future of UK in Europe: Martin Callanan (European Conservatives and Reformists Group) and Sir Graham Watson (Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe).
Time: Thursday 11 April 2013 from 17.00 to 18.15.
Location: Silken Berlaymont Hotel, 11-19 Boulevard Charlemagne, 1000 Brussels

If you are planning to attend, please send a message to

Citizen Dialogue / Burgerdialoog

April 12

WANTED: CRITICAL CITIZENS: you are all invited to contribute to the Citizen's Dialogue in Gent this Friday!
Ask European Commissioner Karel de Gucht and "Open Society Initiative for Europe" director Jordi Vaquer Fanés which Europe we want to become, why Europe is what it is today, what the role of democracy is in the EU, and how to challenge populism and nationalism! Don't let your ideas be lost in these crucial times!

The debate will be in Dutch with simultaneous translation into English.

Free signup for the event at by 11 april 2013.

Exchange for Europe, Brussels:
Last Call!

April 13

We have good news about the second part of the exchange with JEF Maastricht, which JEF Brussels is organizing this weekend in Brussels: they found room for two more participants!

Interested in the future of Europe? Then come for a journey with JEF Maastricht and JEF Brussels, featuring a full political convention simulation, a street action aimed at the citizens, a fruitful debate and of course a party in the epicentre of Europe!
JEF Maastricht members will be offered accommodation in Brussels, a great opportunity to bond and make new friends!

The participation fee is 30€ per person, which covers the travel costs from Maastricht to Brussels, participation in all program activities, lunch and dinner.

Apply via email at

For those attending the JEF Belgium FC on Saturday, guided travel will be organized between the two events.

JEF Belgium FC Meeting

April 13

Don't have the time to go to the JEF Europe FC in Athens?
But still highly interested in contributing to JEF's emerging policies?
Here is your chance! Come and attend the JEF Belgium FC meeting on Saturday, April 13, where we will go through all the resolutions which are going to be discussed during the JEF FC meeting in Athens. 

You can find all the resolutions online under the members' login on the JEF Europe website. All the resolutions were also sent to your local section, so just approach your board for more information.
You have the time to sign up for it until April 12!

Are you taking part at the FC in Athens?
If yes, please let us know by sending us an email.

Speed-dating Europe
April 18

Op donderdagavond 18 april organiseert JEF Gent een "European Speeddating" voor studenten in de Therminal (Trechterzaal). Een 40tal jongeren krijgen de kans om op deze unieke activiteit in gesprek te gaan met 6 Europese vakmensen. Geen lezing, geen debat, ditmaal is het woord aan jou!

In groepjes van enkele studenten heb je de mogelijkheid om telkens een kwartiertje met elke europrofessional te spreken. Na elke ronde wordt, volgens het concept van de speeddate, doorgeschoven naar de volgende tafel.

Deelname is gratis, maar gelieve IN TE SCHRIJVEN op Op die manier kan je ook opgeven bij wie je graag in het groepje zou zitten!

Onze gasten van dit jaar:
  • David Earnshaw, CEO Burson-Marsteller
  • Luuk Van Middelaar - Speechschrijver Herman Van Rompuy
  • Elisabeth Lannoo - DG Climate-Action, Europese Commissie
  • Dominique Ostyn - Communication & brand manager EurActiv
  • Angelique Vanderkerckhove & Daan Pelckmans, Europese Beweging België & Jonge Europese Federalisten België

Save the date: JEF Brussels Apéro Vol. VI
April 23

JEF Brussels is hosting its popular monthly Apéro event on April 23, for the first time this year on a warm spring evening.

Save the date so you don't miss out on great debates, relaxing drinks and a friendly social atmosphere!

More information will be available in the following days on the 
JEF Brussels page.

Federalism or Fragmentation: Spelling out Europe’s F-word

April 22

On Monday, April 22 from 9.30 to 18.00, Brussels Think Tank Dialogue is holding a full-day meeting with a debate on the future of Europe.
The debate will be joined by President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, and President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, amongst others.

You can find more information on the event here.
To sign up, send an email to the organizers.

JEF Seminar in 
April 26-29

JEF Germany is organising the XIV. International Berlinseminar which will take place from Friday, April 26 until Monday, April 29 2013 in Berlin.

Why go to a seminar in Berlin? Because you want to proceed thinking Europe’s future ahead. Because you want to be creative, develop your thoughts further and take your enthusiastic and idealistic or even utopian visions of Europe to the next level.

You'll go on a trip to future Europe together with a group of young, dynamic and enthusiastic people from all over Europe. The exchange of ideas and political visions as well as discussions, brainstorming-sessions and joint action will take you on a journey that you won't forget so sign up now!

If you register for the seminar, please notify JEF Belgium as well by sending us an email.

International Seminar in Sofia
May 14-17

The international seminar on Democratic European Citizenship will be held in Sofia from May 7 to 14. This seminar will inform you how the EU works and the rights and obligations the EU citizenship brings in order to provide you with knowledge and skills for active participation in the democratic life of the union. The political, social, economic and cultural aspects that the seminar addresses will contribute to shape a vision how to strengthen European democracy and reaffirm the concept of active European citizenship.

You will acquire competence about how to develop activities fostering active European citizenship and build capacity for preparation and conduct of campaigns aiming to boost the turnout in the European Elections. The ideas and knowledge generated during the course can be used and be implemented at local level.

The rich social program will enable you to explore the night life in Sofia, enjoy a horse ride in Vitosha mountain and see the Rila Monastery, one of the most significant and picturesque monuments.

The participation fee is 75 Euro, board & lodging is covered by the organisers (70% of travel costs of up to 230 Euro will be reimbursed).
The deadline for applying is April 25, so hurry up!

For more details and the application form, send an email to or

If decide to you apply, please send an email to JEF Belgium as well.

Save the date: New Europe Day!
May 4

Saturday, May 4 will be this year's Europe Day. As every year on this occasion, the European neighborhood invites you to a day filled with events and entertainment for all. The European institutions will also open their doors. It's the perfect opportunity to learn about Europe and how it works, and have a discussion with European leaders. 
An even better news is that JEF Belgium and the European Movement will also be a part of it! We will have a stand at the plaza in front of the European Parliament, offering various activities. Come join our team of volunteers from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and help us lead the activities, whether for 1 or 2 hours, half day or the whole day, we'd love to welcome you!
You will recieve a lunch as well as getting your transportation costs reimbursed. If you're planning to join us, send a short e-mail with your availability to

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Spinelli Debate: Arab Spring
April 10

Debate: UK's EU Membership

April 11

Speed-Dating Europe
April 18

JEF Brussels Apéro
April 23

JEF Seminar in Berlin
April 26-29

and much more... 

Events calendar

April 10
Spinelli Debate: Has the Arab Spring Failed?

April 10
3% of the EU budget for Erasmus?

April 11
Should the UK's EU membership be renegotiated?

April 11
Should the UK's EU membership be renegotiated?

April 12
Citizen DIalogue - Burgerdialoog

April 13-14
Exchange for Europe:
JEF Brussels hosts JEF Maastricht

April 18
Speed-dating Europe

April 19-21
JEF FC in Athens

April 22
Federalism or Fragmentation: Europe’s F-word

April 23
JEF Brussels Apéro

April 26-29
JEF Seminar in BERLIN

April 26-29
JEF Seminar in BERLIN

May 4
Europe Day

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