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July 2012

Enlargement of JEF Belgium: 2 political officers co-opted

During its board meeting on 30 May 2012 JEF Belgium co-optated unanimously two political secretaries who are going to form the political working group in coordination with Sam Coomans, the political secretary of JEF Belgium. We proudly present Mathias Maertens (on the right) and Luigi Sementilli (on the left). 

Mathias Maertens 
My name is Mathias, I’m 25 years old and I live and work in the great city of Brussels. I hold a masters degree in commercial engineering from the KULeuven. I have always been a passionate supporter of the European dream, but the step by step progress has reached its limits both socio-economically as politically. Therefore I strongly believe that federalism is the only way forward for a prosperous and socially fair Europe. I will promote these ideas via JEF as political secretary together with Sam and Luigi. I will cover socio-economic topics and accordingly try to weigh in on the public debate that upon today is totally absent. While Europe stands on a crossroad it is very important that people can form and voice their vision on its future role, for which I’m very happy to contribute to!

Luigi Sementilli 
Hello European! I’m Luigi, 22, and am currently doing a MA degree in Multilingual Communication & International Relations in Brussels. Though originally from the Flemish city of Maasmechelen, I’ve studied in the French-speaking city of Liège for a bit more than 8 years. I hold a Bachelor degree in Translation & Interpreting (English, Spanish) from the University of Liège, where I started to get involved in JEF as a long-distance member. Since this academic year I’ve been involved in the expansion of the new JEF Brussels section because, after years of involvement, I still believe in a more federal Europe. In order to achieve this goal, I’ll try – as a co-opted political secretary – to bring the issue of federalism as much as possible in the public debate. Hopefully, we will be able – one day – to tell our children that we were definitely a generation ahead!

New media for pan-European campaigning - Training Days 14 - 15 July

Online media present a unique way of interacting with people from all over Europe. Web 2.0 is more integrated in our lives than ever before. The strength of new media has already showed itself to the world during the Arab Spring in 2011. 

JEF wants civil society to actively participate in communicating Europe in a young, catchy and innovative way. We believe the 2014 elections are THE opportunity to make EU issues ‘hot’ and raise awareness on EU politics.

But how will we do this? What young and innovative media can we use to persuade young Europeans to vote? How do we create a Pan-European campaign? How do we make our actions visible?

During this training weekend, these questions will be tackled by learning from successful campaigns and experimenting with new media. 
The focus will be on online blogging, social media and video journalism. You will also be invited to brainstorm on JEF 2014 elections' campaign.
We will benefit from the closeness of the European institutions in the heart of Brussels: a visit to the Parlamentarium is foreseen!

Join us for this unique training and be a part of the generation ahead!


* Participation fee = 30 EUR which covers:
- all meals from Saturday lunch till Sunday lunch, including a nice dinner on Saturday evening;
- a night in a Brussels' hostel;
- all visits and educational materials. 

For more information, visit the event page here, find it on Facebook and/or get in touch with

Save the date: JEF Belgium BBQ - Leuven, 4 August

JEF Belgium invites all of its friends to join us for our annual barbecue on the 4th of August in Leuven!
Be sure to mark this date in your agenda and keep an eye on our website and our facebook page! 
We will get back to you soon on how to register for our annual federalist feast!
When: 4 August 
Where: Leuven - exact location will be decided upon soon.

Scoop it - new platform on the euro crisis curated by JEF Belgium

Have a hard time following up on the eurocrisis in the newspapers? With this overview you're up to date in a second on any recent news that considers economical and political European integration!

Fraternité 2020 - Europe´s very first citizen initiative

Fraternité 2020 is Europe’s very first citizens’ initiative. Its goal is to enhance EU exchange programmes – such as Erasmus or the European Voluntary Service – in order to build a united Europe based on solidarity among citizens. It currently looks for pledges to enable people to sign online. The necessary certification will cost about 4,000 EUR. 
F2020 emphasizes the positive economic, social, and cultural effects more EU exchange programmes could have on the EU – also in the context of the current economic crisis – all of which we explain in detail on our homepage (see here).
F2020 is already supported by about 20 renowned academics on EU affairs (see here), 80+ NGOs active in organizing EVS exchanges or representing students’ interests from the entire continent (see here), and 20 MEPs representing all major parties in the EP (see here). And also we as JEF Belgium support F2020!

For more information and interviews, please contact:, or

Young and enthousiastic? Letsgo5050!

Are you between 17 and 26 years old? Then we’re very curious about your idea about the future of Europe. Become a candidate now for the 2 days-conference Letsgo5050 this autumn!
Letsgo5050, organised by Ryckevelde vzw in cooperation with (among others) the European Movement, wants to initiate a dialogue in Flanders among different generations about the future of the EU. Five people aged 50+ will challenge 50 younger people (aged 17-26) to sketch a future for Europe. The ball is in your court now! Get engaged with the expectations and concerns of the 50+ generation and design a draft of “Europe 2050”: Briefly said: Letsgo5050. 
Participation is completely free and prior knowledge about the EU is NOT required. On the contrary, fresh and creative minds will be very highly valued. More info at (only in Dutch).  

Goodbye Alexandra - intern at the European Movement Belgium

Alexandra has been working as volunteer for 9 months at the EBB secretariat in the scope of the European Voluntary Service (EVS). With this programme the European Commission wants to encourage young people across Europe to participate in international cooperations and exchange.
"Brussels... 'A merry-go-round' of faces, languages, countries, tastes, meetings, parties, conferences, umbrellas... I am leaving Brussels being not as the same person as I was when I arrived here nine months ago. New ideas, new understandings, new feelings, new friends and acquaintances, new discoveries, new knowledge and skills, new horizons... that is what EVS brought into my life. While working at the European Movement-Belgium I felt like I was participating in something big and important – bridging the gap between Europe and its citizens, helping people to understand the particularity and significance of 'the European project' in daily life and its role in the preservation of peace on the European continent. It was an amazing experience to work on these issues in a team with my motivated and creative colleagues who are passionate about their job!"

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Call for participants for "Europe 3.0" - training days on pan-European media campaigning!

Save the date - JEF Belgium BBQ on 4 August!

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Europe 3.0 - JEF training days on new media campaigning 

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