The Latest Edition of the JEF Belgium Newsflash

October 2013 Edition

A note from our Board

October is the ideal month for you to get more deeply involved with JEF activities.
We have a JEF Belgium Board Meeting coming up, the JEF Brussels General Assembly and many splendid events!

The one to highlight in particular is Breaking Borders, the award-winning Cross-Border Network seminar in Lille. See you there!

Federalist regards,
— JEF Belgium Board

JEF News

JEF Belgium Board Meeting
Oct 9, 20:00, Leuven

JEF Belgium GA & FC
Oct 27, Brussels

JEF Brussels GA
Oct 29, Brussels

EMI Congress
Nov 21-23, Montenegro


Oct 04
JEF Liège Apéro
21:00, Liège

Oct 10
JEF Leuven Quiz
19:00, Leuven

Oct 14
L'Algérie Silencieuse
12:30, Brussels

Oct 16
Hands off My Erasmus
18:30, Brussels

Nov 8-10
Breaking Borders

New hope for EU Democracy
Sofia, Bolgaria

Nov 21-23
EMI Congress

OCT 04 - JEF Liège Apéro, Liège

JEF Liège te souhaite la bienvenue à l'apéro de rentrée. Rendez-vous à la Sauvenière à 21h!
Plus d'infos via la page Facebook de JEF Liège.

OCT 09 - Invitation: JEF Belgium Board Meeting, Leuven

JEF Belgium is inviting all interested and active members to its board meeting on October 9 in Leuven (Louvain) at 20:00.
Join us, there is much to learn and do in Belgium and beyond!

OCT 10 - JEF Leuven International Quiz, Leuven

The famed JEF Leuven International Quiz is coming up again!
On Thursday, October 10, Leuven is the place to be! More information on JEF Leuven's Facebook page will follow soon!

OCT 14 L'Algérie Silencieuse dans la tempête régionale, Bruxelles

Le déjeuner-débat avec Akram Belkaid, Journaliste indépendant spécialiste de l’Algérie et des pays du Golfe, abordera dans un premier temps les raisons de "l'exception algérienne" en ce qui concerne les révolutions et révoltes arabes. Plusieurs facteurs expliquent pourquoi l'Algérie est restée à l'écart, du moins en apparence, du Printemps arabe. 
L'exposé se penchera sur la question de la situation politique avec les interrogations quant à l'après-Bouteflika et la perspective de l'élection présidentielle prévue pour le printemps 2014.
P.A.F. (sandwiches & boissons) 5 EUR ou 3 EUR pour les membres du MEB et JEF Belgique. Le débat se déroulera en français. Les questions peuvent être posées en anglais également.
Date: le lundi 14. octobre de 12:30 à 14:00.
Lieu: Info-Point Schuman, rue Archimède 1, 1000 Bruxelles.
Inscription: Obligatoire avant 11 octobre via ce formulaire online.


OCT 16 - Spinelli Debate Hands Off My Erasmus, Brussels

Did you know that over the past twenty-five years, three million students have benefited from Erasmus grants? That makes the programme one of the major successes of the European Union. It fosters not only learning and understanding of the host country, but also a sense of belonging among students from different EU countries. Erasmus is a very important step towards the construction of a genuine European civil society.
On its 25th anniversary, Erasmus is affected by a lack of resources while the number of young people participating in the programme quickly grows year after year. Now more than ever, the time is crucial to foster active European citizenship and a European identity amongst young citizens. So participate in the debate and help Erasmus stay a pillar of European integration! Register now!
Date: October 16 at 18:30.
Place: European Parliament, PHS 3C50.

OCT 27 - SAVE THE DATE: JEF Belgium General Assembly and FC

In the light of the European Congress in November, JEF Belgium will hold its extraordinary General Assembly along with the Federal Committee on Sunday, October 27.
More information on the event is coming soon on JEF Belgium website, on Twitter and Facebook page.

OCT 29 - SAVE THE DATE: JEF Brussels General Assembly

Do you live in Brussels and you'd like to engage in a plethora of federalist activities that the 2013-2014 period has in store for you? Then don't wait and bookmark the date!
JEF Brussels will hold its annual General Assembly with a general election on October 29 in the evening, more details and instructions for candidates will follow soon on the Facebook page and on Twitter.

NOV 8-10 - Breaking Borders: Cross-Border Seminar, Lille

Are you ready to break borders? Jump into an adventure for the second Cross-Border Seminar, organised by a network of neighbouring JEF sections from Belgium, the Netherlands, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rheinland-Pfalz (both Germany) and Lille (France) and the Jugendparlament of Luxemburg (established in 2012).
Because of the major success of the first cross-border seminar in Maastricht and winning the JEF Europe success story award, the network is welcoming interested young people in Lille for the second cross-border seminar on Breaking borders: Nationalism and populism as a dangerous path for Europe.
Because we know you're interested in attending and the places are limited, click on their website and apply before everyone else does!
You'll find more detailed information on the seminar and the application form there as well. For questions and extra info, check out their Facebook page.
Application deadline: October 7 2013.


OCT 27 - NOV 3 - A New Hope for European Democracy, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Contribute to shape a vision how to strengthen European democracy, learn how to counter the rise of nationalist and eurosceptic movements, discover how to communicate the EU attractively to young citizens. Participate in the Episode 2014 seminar in Sofia and gain skills that can be used to boost and increase voter's turnout in the 2014 European elections!
Application deadline: October 17.
Participation fee of 75€ covers board & lodging, 75% of travel costs reimbursed.
Send an email to this address for more details and application form.


NOV 21-23 - European Movement Congress, Montenegro

The European Movement International (EMI) will be organizing a congress in Montenegro on 21-23 November 2013. The congress will address the theme “fostering civil society in candidate and potential candidate countries” and will gather around 150 participants. Since JEF Belgium and other sections are simultaneously members of the EMI, you can apply to participate in the congress! The full program of the congress will be made available shortly.
If interested, please send your candidacy to this email today!
Application Deadline: October 4 2013.


NOV 30 - SAVE THE DATE: JEF Brussels Event, Brussels

JEF Brussels will be launching its new event at IHECS (Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications Sociales) aimed at European aspect of the upcoming Belgian election.
The event will take place on November 30 in the afternoon. More information will follow on the Facebook page soon.

FEB 3-14 - Winter School on Federalism, Innsbruck (AT) & Bolzano (IT)

The 10-day Winter School on Federalism and Governance is designed for participants from all nationalities who wish to deepen their knowledge on federalism and multilevel constitutionalism: how federalism contributes to the understanding of multilevel, integrated decision-making. It is a unique opportunity to be trained on theoretical and practical aspects of federalism and multilevel constitutionalism. Lectures focus mainly on Europe but include also Asia, Africa and the Americas.
To find out the latest news about the programme, participation fees and scholarships and to access the online application form, please visit their website.
Application deadline: October 25 2013.
Free for non-commercial distribution. 2013 JEF Belgium.

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