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July 2013


The News: Number 28 & JEF Barbecue!

The European Union is becoming richer for over a thousand islands, an extra 1.777 km of coastline (with an extra 4.058 km of coastline contributed by the islands). But Croatia, the 28th member of the Union, offers so much more than just sunny beaches! To learn some more facts, read the article below.
We welcome thee in our midst, Hrvatska!

Aside from celebrating Croatia's EU entry, we know what else you'll be doing this summer: the JEF Belgium Legendary Barbecue! At this annual event, Europeans from all corners of Belgium and beyond gather to celebrate the summer with a federalist twist: from five-star burgers and award-winning cocktails to an unforgettable night in the company of great people, including you!

So don't forget to register for it by July 4. See you there!

There are still plentiful events aside from the JEF BBQ so take a few moments to check them out in the Events Calendar to the right and click the one that interests you!


Welcome, Croatia!
July 1

Croatia has it all: Vibrant cities, rugged coastlines, impressive national parks, islands, mountains…
And from the first of July onward, it’s more accessible than ever. On that day, Croatia becomes the 28th member state of the European Union. Croatia has been a candidate member state since June 2004.

In 2011, the European Commission, the member states and the European Parliament agreed on its membership and last year, the people voted in a referendum on membership. The official celebration of this historical moment will take place on the 30th June on Ban Jelačič Square, the central square of the capital Zagreb. A good reason to focus our eyes on Croatia.


Croatia or as its post stamp says "Hrvatska" is a country at the crossroads of central Europe, the Balkan and the Mediterranean, creating a unique mixture of culture. This unique mixture has not always been as peaceful as it is nowadays. In 1991, the Croats declared independence from the Republic of Yugoslavia, but the Serbs – who sought to create a Serb state with boundaries in present day Croatia – did not agree and war was declared only to be stopped 4 years later.
Croatia reached its goals, however much of the country was devastated. Now, almost 20 years later, Croatia is a fast developing country with a high HDI index and growing income economy.



  1. Country : Croatia
  2. Capital : Zagreb
  3. Language : Croatian (Slavic language family)
  4. Currency: Kuna, the cents are called Lipa
  5. Prime Minister: Zoran Milanović
  6. Population: 4.4 million


Did you know that:

  • Without the Croats, men would not wear ties. In the 17th century, Croatian soldiers wore a sort of necktie, which they called ‘kravat’. This transformed into the current tie.
  • Together with Spain, Croatia is Europe’s number one in holding UNESCO world intangible cultural masterpieces.
  • Croatia also has a lot of UNESCO world heritage sites, one of the most famous being the Plitvička jezera (Plitvica Lakes), beautiful crystal clear lakes with waterfalls and caves, surrounded by woods home to bears, wolves and rare bird species.
  • Zagreb has the most museums per capita in the world. The most notorious one is the Museum of Broken Relationships.
  • The coastline between Split and Dubrovnik is called the Dalmatian coast - no, it’s not named after the dog breed, the dog is named after Dalmatia.
  • Zagreb has a cemetery where one would want to be buried because it’s so beautiful: Mirogoj Cemetery is ranked right after Père Lachaise in Paris to be one of the ‘nicest’ cemeteries in Europe.
  • Between Zagreb and Split the train track is quite special because it is made for a tilting train, which allows trains to go faster while rounding a curve. Something that shortens the travel time by a lot.
  • Marco Polo – although ethnically Italian – was born on the island of Korčula, in Croatia.
So once again: Welcome, Croatia!

JEF Gent Picnic & JEFever voetbal
July 1

Het jaar is weer om dus wordt het tijd voor de slotactiviteit van JEF Gent. De perfecte plaats voor nieuwe geïnteresseerden om het JEF team beter te leren kennen en Europese ambities duidelijk te maken! 

Iedereen is welkom: actief, oud-actief, semi-actief, toekomst-actief! Aarzel dan ook niet om vrienden mee te brengen of het event uitgebreid te delen op Facebook.

Inschrijven doe je liefst via een mailtje naar JEF Gent, maar voor de duidelijkheid zullen we ook al afspreken dat aanwezigheid op Facebook als echt beschouwd wordt.

Meer informaties op Facebook.

The One and Only:
JEF Belgium Barbecue
July 6

We're almost there!
Belgium's traditional JEF Barbecue is now just a few days away. To catch up on European affairs, win prizes with the European tombola, to get to know the young federalists better and to drop by for a drink and gourmet food, register right away (by July 4 at the latest).

The feast is scheduled for July 6 in the garden of LOKO in the centre of Leuven. From 14.00 onward for our local sections and from 16.00 for all JEF members, federalists, Europeans by heart and all our friends.
Come for a drink or more and a nice chat in the midst of appetizing barbecue aromas.
You're also welcome to come along later in the evening!

The price for a full stomach is just 8 EUR for JEF members and 11 EUR for non-members.
To apply (and secure your food), make a transaction to the following bank account with your name(s) as a reference:
IBAN: BE79 4352 0218 2133    BIC: KREDBEBB

When: July 6, from 16h00 onward
Where: Garden LOKO – ’s Meiersstraat 5, Leuven
Register here in EN/NL/FR.

See you in Leuven/Louvain on Saturday!

Save the Date: JEF Brussels Summer Apéro
July 27

For everyone who will be staying in Belgium at the end of July, JEF Brussels will be organizing a very special Apéro. More details are to follow on their Facebook page but for now just save the date!

Breathe In - Break Out Festival
August 5-12

Are you an artist, dancer, musician, an activist or scholar? You feel sympathy for creative democracy and want to get involved with a great opportunity? Come as a participant to the BIBO 2013!
For participants traveling from the certain countries (Germany, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Italy, France, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Brazil, South Africa, Tunisia, Senegal and Zimbabwe), free accommodation and food are provided along with a travel refund of 70%. 

If you haven't been to BIBO before, it looks like this: 1000 people from 15 countries gather in Halle (Saale), Germany, to make a statement for creative democracy. The festival celebrates Hip Hop culture and Street Art but invites any form popular art and culture. It is an open space of shared action and thought, that seeks to engage, empower and create in unison, with all those who feel the urgency to act now and here to transform the world. It features everything from cultural and political actions to poetry, break-dance, film screenings, alter-market and of course barbecue, sun and good music! 

There are still free places left so contact the organizers.
For more info, check the official website and the Facebook page.

Université d’été Jeunes Européens France

Septembre 5 à 8

Conquérir la participation citoyenne aux élections Européennes: nouvelle frontière pour l’Union européenne en 2014.
Ce sera un programme riche et intense, entre, réflexion, information et militantisme, qui attendra les quelques 90 participants. Ensemble on conquérira la participation citoyenne aux élections Européennes.  Mais, qu’on se le dise, crise ou pas, la convivialité sera bien de rigueur pendant ces quelques jours.

Important : Ce séminaire se déroule en français!
Date: Septembre 5 à 8 à Montpellier/Toulouse, France
Coût: 45€ (accommodation & activités)
Information en ligne ici.
Veuillez informer nous via email si vous vous avez inscrivé pour cette activité.

Call: Team Members for Europe-Mobile
September 4-29

Have you ever imagined how a bus trip of your life would look like? Now you have the chance to experience it in real life - with Europe-Mobile!
What is it? It's an international project for students and pupils where 20 students from different European member countries travel around by bus, the Europamobil, visiting schools to run workshops, games and seminars on specific European issues. During the time of the project, the students will be hosted in the Genshagen Castle near Berlin. Watch the Europe-Mobile film to get inspired!
If you're a student of European studies, Political/ Social Science or similar disciplines, this  project is designed for You! Depending on the university, your participation may be recognised as an internship or an ECTS equivalent.

Don't hesitate too long, the deadline for the application is July 7!
Visit the website for more information and to apply.

Discovering Europe's 3D(dimensions)

September 20-27

Do you want to discover Europe in all its dimensions? You are interested in topics as diversity and discrimination? You want to dream about a better Europe creating dignity for all? Participate in this dialogue and be an active European citizen. Prepare now for the upcoming European elections and think about the future of Europe in an international setting on the European island of Malta.

Date, Place: September 20 to 27 in Malta.
Cost: 30% of travelling costs
If interested, send an email to us before July 12.

European Citizenship in United Europe
September 30-October 6

JEF Europe Training about European citizenship. More information will follow soon on our Facebook page and on the website.

Date, Place: September 30 to October 6, Stockholm, Sweden.
If interested, send us an email.

Save these dates:

November 1-3

European Congress in Paris.

November 8-10

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