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 This Sunday, March 8th, our Sunday School class transitioned out of the Choir room to begin meeting in Room #111. We are so excited to have moved into a room we can call "home!" As a reminder, we have begun meeting at 9:50 AM each Sunday. 

There are a couple of exciting opportunities for the kids to be involved in the morning worship services and Spring Choir Concert using their musical gifts. See more details in the letter from Kyra, our Director of Worship, here: 



The world has long enjoyed a good mystery! Who built Stonehenge? Is Big Foot real? Why can I never find my car keys? During the “Shake It Up” series, kids will be introduced to an all new mystery—what’s in the box? After shaking the mystery box and listening to the contents rattle, thump, or jingle around, kids will be asked to guess what’s inside. When the contents are brought to light, they’ll help us discover more about the greatest light to ever shine—the Light of the World.



An illusionist's motto is "magicians never reveals their secrets." That is because once we figure out the mechanics of how each illusion is performed, the act loses its "magic." Jesus, however, shares with us all the trade secrets of being in a relationship with God and serving the Kingdom of God. Often times, it was through teaching with parables that these "secrets" were revealed, secrets such as: I can be a part of something big, God will never stop loving me, God made me to do great things, and God forgives me. Of course, kids will quickly learn that these aren't secrets at all and that they should share it with everyone!

Kids can ask some pretty tough questions, especially as their brains develop the capacity to take on more and more new information. As parents, these questions can be scary- how can we answer them when we don't have all the answers ourselves? When these hard questions come up- and they will- you might be tempted to give a quick answer or shut down the conversation completely.Instead of trying to give the perfect answer, try asking great questions. Your kids are often looking for more than answers- they're looking to feel safe and reassured, to explore and to process. So going forward, here are a few tips to handle this:
1. DON'T FREAK OUT. Your kids are looking for a safe place. Your ability to calmly answer them will determine the likelihood that they return to you with tough questions in the future.
2.ASK MORE QUESTIONS. Open ended questions like, "What do you think?" will help you gauge where they're coming from.
3. SAY, "I DON'T KNOW."  Repeat after me: "It's okay if I don't have all the answers." Admitting that won't destroy their trust in you, it can actually strengthen it.
When your kids ask tough questions remember, it's not your job to have perfect answers as much as it is to reassure them you'll be with them on this journey of discovering new truths. Explore their questions together. Invite them to dive into God's word on the topic with you. And who knows- maybe you'll learn something new in the process!

We want to help you help your kids get comfortable in their alone time with God. "Pray Like This." is the perfect journal for guiding a 7-10 year old in their first experiences with a solo "quiet time." Unlike other prayer journals for kids, this journal is not just the same sheet of questions over and over again. Instead, each day has unique guidance and prompts for your child, helping them to go deeper into their relationship with God! Using the Lord's Prayer as a guide, Pray Like This helps your child learn to pray and connect with God in a meaningful way. Click on the photo above to learn more, or grab a copy!
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We hope that you have enjoyed getting these email updates, but we want you to know what’s going on more than once a month! That’s one of the reasons why we are inviting you to join our “Band!” No, you don’t have to start growing out your hair again or brush up on your guitar skills-- just follow link below or scan the QR code to join our online community! 
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Did your kid come home telling you a crazy story about building rocket ships or racing to put stickers on their cheeks? Great- Check out our photo albums and see what they’re talking about! 
Are you wondering if the evening’s regularly scheduled activity is cancelled (We do live in South Dakota after all,) we want you to know too--it will always be posted on Band.
We know life is busy and keeping track of all the things going on in your family’s life can be overwhelming. That’s why FRC’s Children’s Ministry wants to partner with you- because we’re better together.



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