_______From A Gang Leader to A Godly Leader _________
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Sophea Sem
Sophea Sem
Dormitories: Housing young people come from poor villages and need foundational support to survive in the city of Phnom Penh. Our church saw this critical need and decided to take action by creating dormitory to meet the needs. There are currently 2 houses in the Phnom Penh area; one for girls and another one for boys. Each house has about 25-30 residents. Our church is committed to provide an excellent environment to make disciples and train leaders for the future. If you would like to help empower the youth of Cambodia, we challenge you to invest into our dormitory ministry.  You can support a dormitory for $450 per month.

Office Skills Training Program: We started our church with OSTP, the education level was very low, and none of our church members had any marketable job skills. We bought a few used computers, began teaching English and all aimed to serve the students who could not afford to go to a university. We have expanded over the years and now have over 500 students at our center/church daily, taking classes that include: English, typing, computers and Internet, and character development.  Our church has gained an excellent reputation for producing highly qualified workers who are in demand all over Cambodia. We teach our students the skills needed to get an office job, and are able to share the good news of Jesus with them.
We would like to ask you to invest $150 per month to pay for a teacher to teach two classes for 50 students ($3 per student per month).
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"Encouragement really does change our lives and renews our hopes. It is a critical component of every human life." John C. Maxwell
I was hopeless and had no future. I had no one believe in me. But Jesus and his church were there for me!

This is "Why" we do "What" we do!

From A Gang Leader to a Godly Leader___
BunnaVuth, called Vuth, was a gang leader when he was in high school. He was a son who didn’t show much respect to his parents and to anybody nor fearful of anything, but instead he looked threatening. Vuth was involved in robbery, drug, heavy drinking, gambling, prostitutes, and many other similar things. His mother, Phansy, didn’t have so much hope that her son would ever be changed, adding to that she was afraid that Vuth would lead her other kids to do the same things. As mother, she did not lead a peaceful life but lived with fear and embarrassments. She made wishes before bedtime and dawn that if anyone or any God who could change my son, i would do anything for that person or God.

In 2005, it happened that he was taking care of his sister at a hospital sharing the same room as a friend of David’s (David was a teacher of English and Computer from church). So David got to meet Vuth and sharing with Vuth about his life, about the hope, about Jesus, about how he could study English and Computer at our church free of charge. Plus how he could stay at the dormitory. Vuth was interested and decided to give it a try.

A few weeks after attending English, computer classes and attending church service at the weekends. God reminded him about what he did in the past and he regret about all he did to others and especially to his parents. Vuth knelt down and asked God for forgiveness and he opened his heart to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior in that service on the Mother’s Day. Vuth became a new person on the inside and outside within a few weeks’ time.

Since that day Vuth has become a great loving man in our church. Vuth believes in people and is very passionate in helping and counseling those who are struggling the same kind of life.

Vuth is now married to a wonderful young lady, Neth, with two daughters. Vuth is in his 3rd year of university and works for one of the biggest Christian Organizations in Cambodia, World Vision. Vuth currently serves at our church as a lay leader. He also leads a couple care groups, oversees and mentors 50 university students who live in our dormitories.

As the result;
His parents become followers of Jesus. His mom is a prayer-warrior (she prays for the church and leaders everyday). His great aunt, who works at the ministry of education, becomes a faithful believer and a giver. All of his siblings become Christians. His sister is one of worship leaders (she is married to David with one daughter), one of his brothers is one of best drummers and care group leaders in our church. And 7 of his cousins also become Christians and serve God in our church actively.
Praise God and All Glory be to Him!

Sophea and Jenny Sem