Tickets are $125 each and include tax and gratuity.  Seating is limited, so if tickets are sold out, please email us at to be added to the waitlist.  Thanks!  BUY TICKETS NOW

This is an incredible deal for such an unique experience.  We consider Erin and Skip from Green Gate Farms to be great friends and feel privileged to share this dinner with them and with everyone from Outstanding in the Field.  Tickets are available on the website, which you can purchase here.

The menu is set, get last-minute tickets to this Sunday's Riesling dinner

It's definitely going to be warm, but there is NOTHING like a cold glass of Riesling to make you forget about sweating. Please join us on Sunday, August 5th for an evening of communal dining, starting in our backyard at 5:30 PM with a little music by King Curse, grilled and fried oysters and dry, sparkling riesling before we head inside for a perfect meal of grilled fish with spicy mung bean noodles, roasted Dewberry chickens with sour pork sausage, Texas pear strudel with bay leaf custard and lots of bright, crisp riesling representing the best of what's available. It will be a night to savor those last long days ahead, and who knows, maybe you’ll make a new friend!

Tickets are $125, include tax and gratuity and can be purchased below.  If you attended our last dinner, you know well what a special night it can be.  Check it out.

Summer Closure

We're just like you and require respite from the Summer's heat before heading into Fall, and let's be honest, football season.  Just as a reminder, we'll be closing the restaurant for a brief break between August 12th and August 23rd, re-opening on the 24th.  Please excuse the inconvenience, but we promise to be well-rested, cooled down and ready to cook when we return.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at so much!

Outstanding in the Field

Starting in September, we'll have some exciting events and changes to share.  One thing we are pretty darn gleeful about is cooking for Outstanding in the Field at Green Gate Farms (home of the big red barn), a traveling outdoor supper club that produces the most beautiful farm dinners imagineable.  Just see for yourself.

The dinner is on Friday, October 26th at Green Gate Farms, starting at 2 PM.  There are still tickets available, and this is a very special dinner that a person does not forget.  You can buy your tickets here.
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