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Guest Editor: Josephine Williams, Conference and Events Leader

Josephine Williams, Conference and Events Leader, IDP Education

Dear Colleagues,

As always, it is a pleasure to welcome you to the latest issue of Expressions.
I’d like to welcome colleagues from our first test centre in Greece to the IDP IELTS network. IDP Education is pleased to offer test takers the opportunity to take their test in more than 450 locations in 55 countries worldwide.
For those of you in New Zealand, our Stakeholder Engagement team will conduct two IELTS information sessions in November. These sessions are for users of IELTS test results and I encourage you to sign up to stay informed about any changes and to refresh your knowledge of the test.
I’d also like to highlight the Australian International Education Conference (in Melbourne, Australia, from 18–21 October) and the invaluable professional development and networking opportunities it offers. The program is now available.
The hard work of those involved with English language testing and teaching must be acknowledged; congratulations to the 2016 winner of the IELTS Morgan Terry Memorial Scholarship Award.
Thank you to all the researchers who have either recently submitted an application for the latest round of the IELTS research grant program, are already undertaking research , or have just published their findings. The IELTS research program provides valuable insights into not only the test, but also its uses. Several very interesting reports have been published recently on the use of English language in the workplace.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions for any article you would like to see in Expressions. If there’s a story from your organisation that you would like to share, please email us at

Yours sincerely,
Josephine Williams, Conference and Events Leader, IDP Education

Josephine organises the annual Australian International Education Conference, now in its 30th year.
The team members at PEOPLECERT on their first test day

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IELTS information sessions on tour to New Zealand

IELTS information sessions on tour to New Zealand

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IELTS TRF scam alert

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IELTS research

English language use in the workplace

A big thank you to everyone who put forward a proposal for this year’s IELTS research grant. Recent published IELTS Research Reports include many which look at the use of English language in the workplace. Read more.
Savva Papandony, Head Teacher (ELICOS) at Australian Academy of Commerce

Australian Academy of Commerce program receives IELTS Morgan Terry Award

The IELTS Morgan Terry Memorial IATEFL Scholarship Award is a prestigious award which celebrates innovative practice in the teaching of IELTS. The annual scholarship is awarded for creative, resourceful and innovative teaching ideas and applications are invited from teachers all over the world. Read more.
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