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World Premiere: FJB Podcast

- I don’t claim to be a master in English. I don’t claim to be the most social person living on this earth. In the FJB podcast, I just wish to share with you some stories or thoughts about music and life: naked, sincere and fearless. Flint Juventino Beppe

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Remote Galaxy - with Vladimir Ashkenazy & Philharmonia Orchestra  


The newest orchestral music album from 2L and composer Flint Juventino Beppe is named Remote Galaxy. Performed by Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy. Released as Pure Audio Blu-ray, digital album and vinyl (double LP). 


- 2L´s recording - Blu-ray and accessible in 5.1 and 7.1 DTS, 2.0 LPCM and 9.1 Auro-3D - does indeed sound breathtaking.-
Gramophone magazine, April 2014

This is a stunningly unusual flute concerto full of poetry, drama and intense feelings. As with the other works on this fine disc, it is brilliantly played by the Philharmonia Orchestra under Vladimir Ashkenazy. Emily Beynon is a superb soloist.
The Classical Reviewer, May2014

- Remote Galaxy is one of the finest recordings I have ever heard! Unlike a lot of so-called demonstration material, the music matches the quality of the recording. It's an incredible artistic and technical achievement, and a disc I will return to many times in the months and years to come.
Audiophile Audition, December 2013



«Full of breadth, poetry and an inner depth.»


«By including all three digital albums in one review, I had intended to be fairly brief but, such are the attractions of the works recorded here, I make no apology for providing a much longer blog than usual. [...] There is much here from this distinctive composer that will reward listeners. The original recordings were first rate; the excellent re-mastering has revealed just how good these recordings are.»

Thorough review of the albums Seasons of Life, About my Grandfather and Pictures before an Exhibition by The Classical Reviewer, UK, 20.09.2014


Ari Rasilainen: F. J. Beppe: About My Grandfather

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Album Notes

Sometimes episodes of joy or despair get manifested on piece of paper. On Seasons of Life, several works from my teenage years are present. I have just as close relationship to my first work as to my last. Time is just a relative factor; perhaps we all in reality grow younger? You can read more about the content on this chamber music album here. If you are into flute, violin or piano music - or if you just wish to take a chance to meet an unknown world of organic music and life philosophy, then perhaps this album might become a future treasure? Among others, you will find the enchanting «Waltz of the Queen» Op.4a No.1, the piano piece that end all movies in the Symbiophonies series, on this album.

Wolfgang Plagge: F. J. Beppe: Seasons of Life

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Album Notes

On Pictures before an Exhibition, I used a synthesizer and a computer, not only to write down what I was hearing (or sometimes dreaming), but also to perform the works myself on the recording. I consider myself to be a perfectionist, and being able to have full control over the audible expression feels just right. If you enjoy the many possibilities of synthesizers or the imaginative world of film music, and if you at the same time are a bit open to new soundscapes where instruments perform in ways that actually are impossible in real life, then this album might right down your alley. Read the album notes here.

Flint Juventino Beppe: F. J. Beppe: Pictures Before an Exhibition

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Album Notes

Well, time goes on, and there is much in this life I wish to do. Whatever happens, I am happy that the three new re-releases have arisen from the past and from now on can live their own life out there in the big, wild world.

I cannot promise that the music will appeal to your subjective taste, but I can promise honest musical journeys provided by The FJB Fingerprint. You'll find the albums on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify - yes everywhere where digital albums are for sale.

Take care - and thank you for the attention!

Best wishes from 


About my Grandfather 
Album Notes
Seasons of Life
Album Notes
Pictures before an Exhibition
Album Notes
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