Four film releases on Video On Demand featuring music by composer Flint Juventino Beppe

Saturday 12th of December 2015, four original films are available worldwide from The FJB Fingerprint.

Montagna con Forza and Vicino alla Montagna are two art films from the Symbiophoniesâ„¢ series, a narrative film concept invented by the composer himself. Exhaling Music is an award-winning documentary about composer Flint Juventino Beppe, featuring the recording process for the Grammy-nominated album Flute Mystery with Vladimir Ashkenazy and Philharmonia Orchestra in London. The short film Captured in a Gaze focuses on the importance of preserving creativity despite any challenge. The post production of the art films has been done in 2015, and all releases come with free extra bonus material.

– It pleasures my heart immensely that these films now have become available to a worldwide audience. Releasing the products on the digital platform Video On Demand makes it easy and convenient to get access to these films. I hope my musical and philosophical "fingerprints" may bring about some good experiences around the globe.

Take care - and thank you for the attention!

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Press release

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Vicino alla Montagna
Nature is constantly present. Music perpetually sounds from beyond the mountains. Humankind arises from earth while Music is directing the cycle of life. Nature is the impartial arena. What happens when Humankind cannot relate to this unified energy of Nature and Music?
Montagna con Forza
In this film, we follow a wooden boat's venture across a lake. We will be exposed to the vast array of temperate sensations, sensitive harmonies and visions – freed from the conventions of time. Also, the brutality and mercilessness of life are central elements, in connection with eleven closely connected parts and originally written music. This production is respectfully dedicated to the fragile world we all live in.
Exhaling Music
Surrounded by secrecy, the Rognan-composer Flint Juventino Beppe, 36, has captured the heart and minds of the international music scene. The self-taught composer is on first name terms with stars such as Sir James Galway and Vladimir Ashkenazy. "I never compose music", Beppe says, "the tones just float around inside my head. When they get too loud, I have to breathe them out." This film is a story about a personal war, and about finally recapturing the love for music and life. Produced by News on Request AS. Director: Trond Eliassen.
Captured in a Gaze
A girl has a lot of inspired ideas, but she does not gain acceptance from her peers. Her feeling of not fitting in makes her withdraw into an imaginary world. 
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