Four Elements from Hedmark Op.85 is a new Double Concerto for violin, cello & symphony orchestra by composer Fred Jonny Berg.

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- Fred Jonny Berg

New Blog

"Maybe a blog is a format that is somewhat contradictory to use in my case: you're supposed to be personal, funny and even a little paradoxical. Well, I cannot promise the last. I will write philosophical train of thoughts and leave out too much sentiment. I guess the reader will have to take it or leave it. Still, maybe someone will find this thought-provoking and even stimulating."
- Fred Jonny Berg

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Vicino alla Montagna - premiere in Tromsø

Nature is constantly present | Music perpetually sounds from beyond the mountains
Humankind arises from earth while Music is directing the cycle of life | Nature is the impartial arena
What happens when Humankind cannot relate to this unified energy of Nature and Music?

Read more about the premiere in Tromsø

New Double Concerto

Composer Fred Jonny Berg says that the new Double Concerto has a special story behind it, and might be of interest for ballet choreography.

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Perhaps, an example of life's intricacy, the last beam strikes a little girl sitting by the river bank looking towards the other side. But the beam does not bring death. She achieves magical powers from the beam, and the ability to see through time and space through a veil called "All that happens". She drifts where the wind blows, and leaves an "I was here" on a harp string.
- Fred Jonny Berg

Intro text from "The beam struck the young girl by the river", from "Four Elements from Hedmark Op.85"

Published February 11, 2012

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Sheet music

Four Elements from Hedmark Op.85
[January 25, 2012] A new Double Concerto for violin, cello & orchestra is now available. Read more


Vicino alla Montagna in Tromsø
[January 25, 2012] Two award-winning movies in one sitting. January 30 and 31, Vicino alla Montagna has the official Tromsø premiere at Nordlysfestivalen. In addition, the documentary Exhaling Music will be screened previous to Vicino alla Montagna. Read more


Two dogs imprinted in music
[February 20, 2012] I think it is strange how life can surprise when it is dynamic and intense. Out of a mysterious nothing, two dogs suddenly appeared in my life. Read more
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