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Issue 19: June 2012
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Sleep Services
The Wesley Hospital Sleep Disorder Centre
The Wesley Hospital
1800 119 446

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John Flynn Sleep Centre
John Flynn Private Hospital
1800 215 914
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Sunshine Coast Sleep Disorders Centre
Nambour Selangor Private
(07) 5459 7444
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Thoracic Services
The Wesley Lung Function Laboratory
(07) 3870 0858
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The Wesley Pulmonary Hypertension Unit
(07) 3876 9033
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The Wesley Hospital Pulmonary Rehabilitation Unit 'Breathwise'
(07) 3232 7048
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CPAP Equipment Sales & Rental Enquiries
(07) 3870 1120

Specialist Physicians

Dr Andrew Scott
Ph: (07) 3876 8405
Fax: (07) 3870 3212

Dr John Feenstra
Ph: (07) 3876 9033
Fax: (07) 3871 3222

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In Other News

Provent useful for some

A recent story aired on Channel Nine’s ‘A Current Affair’ gave a positive review to a new device used for treating snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. read more

Early treatment of asthma

Children presenting to the emergency department with asthma attacks are less likely to be admitted to hospital if they are treated with systemic corticosteroids within the first 75 minutes after triage. read more

Time for influenza immunisation

The 2012 Influenza Vaccination Program commenced nationally on Thursday 15th March 2012. read more

Sleep deprived nation

Researchers at Central Queensland University have conducted the largest Australian sleep census to explore the sleep habits of the nation. read more

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Dear Doctors,

Welcome to the latest edition of the TSGQ E-Newsletter! This month, you will find information on:

  • Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) - an Update
  • Who are the 'Sleepless Elite'?
  • Truck Drivers require Screening for Sleep Disorders
  • Sleep and Pain in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
  • DNA based Vaccination for Allergic Asthma

We hope you enjoy this edition and welcome your feedback. You can email the editor with any suggestions for articles and news at - The Editor

Sleep Medicine News

RLS is a Hard Condition to Describe! - for patients and researchers
This is a surprisingly common condition affecting an estimated 5-10% of the general population. It is characterised by an urge to move the legs that is almost irresistible and is accompanied by an unpleasant or uncomfortable sensation. Patients may report a crawling feeling under their skin, itching, throbbing, heat, and even pain. Generally patients will describe the sensation as being ‘deep’ in the leg, rather than dermal sensations.  Read more...
Who are the Sleepless Elite?
Most of us need about seven hours of sleep, some people need as much as ten. Total sleep deprivation can be fatal, and partial deprivation of sleep has serious consequences on cognition, mood, and health. Dr. Ying-Hui Fu at the University of California, San Francisco, discovered a gene variation, hDEC2, in a mother-daughter pair of short sleepers in 2009. This sparked interest in the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle and was replicated in genetically modified mice models.  Read more...
Professional Drivers Should be Tested for Sleeping Disorders
Sleepiness related to insufficient and poor quality sleep is widely recognised as a contributor to road accidents related to commercial drivers.  Long working hours, driving during periods of circadian misalignment (shift work) and poor sleeping environment are all contributing factors.  Sleep disorders, including Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), are a notable and treatable factor contributing to road crashes and increased mortality.  Read more...
Sleep and Pain In Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disorder characterised by chronic joint inflammation.  More than 50% of RA patients report disturbed sleep1, a rate far greater than observed elsewhere in the population. A recent study by Irwin et al1 however, has proposed that the link between pain and fragmented sleep is bi-directional.  Their investigation evaluated the impact of sleep fragmentation on pain and mood symptoms in RA patients compared with healthy subjects.  Participants were subjected to two consecutive nights of partial night sleep deprivation (PSD), following which they were subjectively assessed for pain, joint mobility and mood symptoms.  Read more...

Thoracic Medicine News

The Future: DNA Based Vaccination For Allergic Asthma
DNA vaccination presents a promising approach, as it enables targeted immunotherapy in association with reduced allergenicity. As current asthma treatments based on specific immunotherapies lack efficiency and can induce deleterious side effects Beilvert et al. have developed an innovative, DNA-based vaccine against 'Dermatophagoides farinae 1 allergen' , a commonly encountered allergen in asthmatics in Europe.  Read more...

Thoracic & Sleep Group News

The Thoracic & Sleep Group (Qld) was recently involved in the RACP Future Directions in Health Congress, held in May at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. This event was attended by well over 1100 delegates, including physicians, physician trainees, allied health professionals and industry professionals. Our medical and scientific staff enjoyed their contribution to GP education on new updates in thoracic and sleep medicine.

The Wesley Lung Function Laboratory


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