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Issue: July 2015 
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Sleep Services
The Wesley Hospital Sleep Disorder Centre
The Wesley Hospital
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Sunshine Coast Sleep Disorders Centre
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Thoracic Services
The Wesley Lung Function Laboratory
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The Wesley Pulmonary Hypertension Unit
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The Wesley Hospital Pulmonary Rehabilitation Unit 'Breathwise'
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CPAP Equipment Sales & Rental Enquiries
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Specialist Physicians

Dr Andrew Scott
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In Other News

Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Conavirus (MERS-CoV) infections and precautions for Australia 

MERS-CoV infection has been diagnosed in over 1,300 cases worldwide, with 85% of cases recorded in Saudi Arabia. The Middle Eastern cases have been associated with a very high fatality rate of some 40%. Since the first cases of MERS were noted, a small number of cases have been recognised in other countries, mostly in the Middle East, but also in other countries such as France, UK and the Philippines.

Taking a nap while on the job might help workers be more productive, new research suggests

A University of Michigan study found power naps or extended breaks during the day could ease frustration, help offset impulsive behaviour and increase workplace safety.
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Poor sleep habits can have a negative effect on self control

In a study titled "Interactions between Sleep Habits and Self-Control," Clemson psychologists concluded a sleep-deprived individual is at increased risk for succumbing to impulsive desires, inattentiveness and questionable decision-making.
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Dear Doctors,

Welcome to the latest edition of the TSGQ E-Newsletter!
In this months newsletter, you will find information on:

    The Sleep Anpoea cardioVascular Endpoints (SAVE) Trial: Rationale, Ethics, Design and Progress 
    The Sleep Apnea cardioVascular Endpoints (SAVE) study is an ongoing investigator-initiated and conducted, international, multicentre, open, blinded endpoint, randomized controlled trial that was designed to determine whether treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) with continuous positive airways pressure (CPAP) can reduce the risk of serious cardiovascular (CV) events in patients with established CV disease.

    Trajectories of Sleep Quality and Associations with Mood during the Perinatal Period
    Every expectant mum knows that sleep will be catch-as-catch-can after her baby is born. But sleepless nights plague women throughout pregnancy, too. Much research has shown that women experience increased sleep disturbances and worsening sleep quality overall during the perinatal period. 1-4 This pattern of disrupted sleep often persists or worsens in the postpartum period, peaking during the first postpartum month.

    Surgical Therapies in Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
    In view of the high prevalence and the relevant impairment of patients with obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSA) many alternative methods are offered which promise definitive cures for or relevant improvement of OSA. This report summarises the efficacy of alternative treatment options in OSAS following the recent publication by an interdisciplinary European Respiratory Society task force, which evaluated the best available literature. In this first review we look at the recommendation of the task force on the surgical options for OSA.

    Association between Peripheral Airway Function and Neutrophilic Inflammation in Asthma
    The function of peripheral airways in asthma is potentially affected by different airway inflammation profiles. Farah et al hypothesized that peripheral airway function in asthma is affected by eosinophilic and neutrophilic airway inflammation measured by induced sputum. The study aims were to determine the relationships between peripheral airway function as measured by Scond and Sacin and eosinophil and neutrophil percentages (%) in induced sputum in adult subjects with asthma.

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Sleep Medicine News

The Sleep Apnoea cardioVascular Endpoints (SAVE) Trial: Rationale, Ethics, Design, and Progress
There has been increasing evidence of a causal relationship between obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and cardiovascular (CV) disease through several potential pathways of physiological disturbance during sleep. Studies have shown OSA affects 30-60% of patients with known CV disease.1-3 Specifically, community based studies and clinical studies have shown OSA to be independently associated with hypertension, glucose dysregulation, and ischemic and cerebrovascular disease.4-9 There thus exists a large body of evidence that OSA may increase the risk of premature CV disease including myocardial infarction and stroke, and that CPAP treatment may reduce these risks.

Trajectories of Sleep Quality and Associations with Mood during the Perinatal Period
Disrupted sleep in pregnancy has been linked to negative obstetric outcomes including preterm labour, longer labour, and increased risk of caesarean delivery.8 Furthermore, disturbed sleep at various stages of pregnancy is closely linked to new episodes and relapses of major depressive disorder. 9 For example, sleep disturbance during early pregnancy predict depressive symptoms in late pregnancy 10, and sleep disturbance during late stages of pregnancy has been shown to predict symptoms of postpartum depression.11 Interestingly, most of the research in this area is geared toward measures of mean sleep quality changes over time which assumes that most women experience the same pattern of change with regards to sleep quality. This approach potentially overlooks individual differences.

Surgical Therapies in Obstructive Sleep Apnoea 
Since the early 1980s continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and the more recent developments of automatic positive airway pressure and bilevel therapy have become the standard treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS). Positive airway pressure has proven to improve symptoms, normalise the risk of traffic and workplace accidents, and reduce the elevated sympathetic activity and risk for cardiovascular morbidities, especially arterial hypertension.However, despite the efficacy of CPAP, many patients suffer from local side-effects at the nose or face, or discomfort due to the mask.

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Thoracic Medicine News

Association between Peripheral Airway Function and Neutrophilic Inflammation in Asthma 
Asthma is characterized by disease of the large and peripheral airways. More severe dysfunction of the peripheral airways is associated with more asthma symptoms, 1 a greater risk of exacerbation,2 worse airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR),3 and more severe disease.
Fifty-three adult subjects were recruited from a volunteer database and from referrals by local respiratory physicians. All subjects had a physician-confirmed diagnosis of asthma and either current asthma symptoms and/or a current asthma prescription. All subjects were non-smokers, had no other lung disease other than asthma. Furthermore, all subjects were free of chest infections, antibiotics or oral prednisone use in the preceding 4 weeks.

Home Based Sleep Studies

The Wesley Hospital Sleep Disorders Centre offers uninsured patients a Home Based Sleep Study that is bulk billed!
Please contact our office to have a referral pad sent out or download a referral here.

Phone:   (07) 3870 1120
Fax:       (07) 3870 0233

The Wesley Lung Function Laboratory

Please contact our office to have a referral pad sent out or download a referral here.


Phone:   (07) 3870 0858
Fax:       (07) 3870 2608

Bulk Billed Lung Function Tests:

  • Spirometry
  • Complicated lung function test (CO transfer and lung volumes)
  • Bronchial provocation testing (Mannitol)
  • 6 minute walk testing
  • Allergen skin testing
  • High altitude simulation testing
  • Fraction Expired NO (FeNO)

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