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Unlock Answers to Your Biggest AI Writing Questions🧠

Is AI effective in creating content? What is ChatGPT? Will AI replace my job? What are the limitations of AI?

Whether you like it or not, the use of AI in content creation is rising — and it’s sparking questions for many business owners and writers across the globe. Brands that aren’t producing relevant, high-value content frequently are falling behind, and there are various ways AI can help or hurt your content strategy depending on its use.

Good human writing doesn’t just happen, it requires time, thought, and practice… the more the writer knows, or the better the writer, the better the output.”  Ajla, Content Strategist

In our latest blog, Ajla explores the role of AI in the advertising industry, its limitations, effective ways to utilize AI writing tools, and more. Her top nine pros and cons can prompt you to think more about how AI fits into your content strategy and overall business goals. 

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Creating Opportunities for a Senior Living Brand

Atria Senior Living reached out to VIA needing help creating an engaging and informative experience for their cost calculator tool. Their goal was to create a calculator that was less overwhelming with less complex form fields and added incentives along the way that would prompt the user to continue filling out the form.

Another challenge was that the calculator had to be accessible across all Atria family brands. VIA was ready to take on both the strategy and UX design challenge to display the content thoughtfully and present it in a manner that guarantees continued use.

See the Final Look >>

This Timely Update is Critical to Your Business⌛

Don’t risk losing all of your website and applications data by neglecting to prioritize this upgrade. The transition isn’t as simple as opting into the update — creating a new account requires careful consideration and optimization to fit the new GA4 platform.

“If you use Google Analytics, it is critical that you complete the upgrade to GA4 prior to the July 1st cutoff date. Avoiding reporting gaps will help ensure you are able to stay up-to-date on the performance of your digital marketing efforts.” Find tips, a step-by-step guide, and everything you need to know about the transition from our Senior Strategist, Nick.

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A Vibrant, Spring Project is Now Live🌱

Evidence in Motion provides hybrid healthcare education solutions by integrating evidence-based practice in their leading curriculum and having top faculty across the nation.

EIM came to VIA needing a set of fresh eyes on a unique challenge. EIM’s partnership website needed a new design that had to follow the parent company’s vibrant, energetic brand but cater to an audience of university higher-ups.

VIA’s design department landed a slightly elevated and more mature look that reflects the audience's needs. Give the freshly-launched website a look today!

New EIM Partnership Site >>

Ecommerce Migration: Challenges and Retrospective 

Sometimes it’s necessary to upgrade from older digital tools to something more robust and user-friendly. We have been using FreshBooks for subscription invoicing for our long-time partners at Jefferson County PVA. In the last couple years, various inconveniences and issues resulting in downtime led the VIA team to explore better options.

In the process of migrating from FreshBooks to Stripe, our development team had to consider how the data would migrate, how this would need to be implemented on the website, the actual rollout, and more. Learn about project challenges, batching approach, and more, from our Senior Developer, Nick.

More on the Migration >>

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"Probably requires a bracket.😆 Watch Madness?" - Jason, CMO

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