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A New Year with New Awakenings

SANEC is delighted to welcome you into 2016! Our team is more than happy to suport you in Discovering, Connecting and Doing business with more than 450 SANEC members and many more stakeholders in the SANEC network. This year's first edition of the newsflash, looks at ways, SANEC aims to continue servicing companies to build sustainable partnerships between the Netherlands, Belgium and in SADC region.
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Business News
SANEC & NABC New Year's Reception, Heineken, Amsterdam
SANEC and NABC combined their efforts once again, to traditionally start of the new year with members from both organizations, invited to an afternoon of drinks, festivities and brief networking at Heineken Experience in Amsterdam.
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Water in crisis: International MBA Scholarship Available 
SANEC member Business School Netherlands is offering scholarships for students that want to enrol for an MBA programme. Business School Netherlands is looking for professionals in the water industry who want to make a difference in an effort to solve the water crisis we are faced with. 
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South African Minister of Tourism is hosted by Dreamcatcher
Derek Hanekom and his wife Trish, invited by the Dutch Ambassador in South Africa, Marisa Gerards and her husband Peter Knoope, paid a visit to Soweto to participate and  enjoy a Cook-up hosted by  Dreamcatcher Cook-Up Kamammas Mamule, Katrina, Dudu and Tilly. This was no ordinary visit. Derek Hanekom is  the National Minister of  Tourism of South Africa.
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#CocreateSA awards nine Dutch sustainability projects in SA
Nine projects addressing sustainability issues including water management, solar energy and transport have been awarded over half a million Rand as part of the #cocreateSA Fund. SANEC was one of the organisations that was awarded for their efforts. 
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Mining Indaba 2016 with Dutch Involvement
From 6 February utnil 11 February 2016 the Mining Indaba is an annual international conference dedicated to the growth of the mining industry in Afric.  Dutch companies will be involved in the programme to deliver a session based water resources for sustainable mining. 
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Mozambique is Set to Gain Tens of Dollars
Mozambique is set to benefit from Sasol a South African company after the country announced that it will start a project surrounding liquefied gas export. The chemical and energy company discovered that Mozambique is sitting on a huge gas reserve. The project is set to bring investment and tens of billions dollars to one of the SADC region state. 
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Dutch Embassy organizes workshop on access to finance in the DRC
In March 2016, the Dutch Embassy will organize a workshop on access to finance in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The workshop entails the increase of access on medium and long term finances in the DRC. 
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South African Filmmakers to Cinemart in Rotterdam
The Department of Trade and Industry (dti) and the Association of Transformation in Film and Television (ATFT) attended the international film festival Cinemart in Rotterdam under the name South African Indies Trademark.  
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SADC: A Potential Renewable Energy Gold Mine
The SADC Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency report 2015 of the South African International Renewable Energy Conference (SAIREC) has established that there is a huge untapped renewable energy potential in the SADC region.
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Business Opportunities
Member meets Member
Langendorf Tax Consultancy meets Arch Legal Management B.V.
On 21 January 2016 SANEC invited Dieter Prinsloo of Arch Legal Management BV and Jens Langendorff of Langendorff Tax Consultancy to The Hague. Purpose of the meeting was to prepare a roundtable meeting in The Hague later this year for SANEC members and other interested parties. During the event, the delegates can exchange legal and fiscal knowledge and ideas with Prinsloo and Langendorff that relate to doing cross-border business with or from the Netherlands. Since Prinsloo and Langendorff mainly service SME’s and private individuals, this event is also attractive for smaller members with cross border activities. However, also bigger firms will enjoy this gathering because PWC will, most likely, join the organisation of the event too. More information will follow.
News from our Members
Mammoet looks to Shell for clean fuel
Mommoet Netherlands will switch from gas fuel to liquid fuel this comes after the two companies were in agreement that Shell NL will supply Mammoet with GTL fuel. Mammoet NL seeks to reduce emissions to make a positive contribution to the environment since most of their clients are conscious of the environmental development. 
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Tjommie Foundation
On 29 January 2016 the Tjommie Foundation organized an eventat Virtual Affairs in Amsterdam. This plenary meeting entailed the poverty problem in South African townships and the start of a project for disabled children. The chair, René Frijters presented how the Tjommie Foundation promotes to give children the chance to grow up without poverty. 

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SANEC Experiences
For over 20 years, SANEC has been playing a large role in match-making companies in and between the Netherlands and South(ern) Africa. In addition, the presence and activity of members is very important. The stories of Marc Vissers, Sheldon Fynn and Jop Blom show the importance of our work and how SANEC and their company have combined forces to guarantee success. Marc Vissers has described his plans for YOH Invest to SANEC and via our network, YOH Invest could become more active in the Southern African market. Furthermore, Sheldon Fynn has been a member of the SANEC for a year now, the organization has allowed him to connect with parties who could help to sell his products and build on partnerships. Finally, Jop Blom has been with his company ‘Behold’ active in Corporate Social Responsibility and during the trade mission of 2008 to South-Africa, the idea to make orange bracelets arose. They were made by ZULU women in an attempt to promote local goods manufactured by local people. 

South AFrican Navy welcomes new Damen ATD Tug 2909 into fleet
On 4 February 2016 the South African Navy took delivery of a second South African-built Damen ATD Tug 2909 at the naval base in Simon’s Town. Escorted by SA Navy's existing six tugs, Inyathi was welcomed into the naval fleet with a traditional sail past. The tug was built with South African workforce to create and maintain local job opportunities. 
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Member Deals
Member Interview

Paul van de Vorle
Van den Bosch

How could you best describe your organization?
Van den Bosch Transporten is an international logistic services provider. Our core business consists of transporting bulk products for the food and chemical industry. By road, rail and sea, our 4000 specialized containers transport a wide range of liquid and dry bulk products. Our growing international network covers the European market, where we started up more than 50 years ago and is extending into the Middle East and Africa as well. We believe in the potential of these new markets and are pleased to offer our services in setting up and optimizing flows of goods.

What makes your products/ company/ service different from others?
We are taking care of the global supply chain activities of our customers and therefore we are continuously searching for smart combinations between transport by road, rail or sea. Supported by top planning and optimization technology, we help customers plan and coordinate the transport of their bulk products. With a wide network of audited and approved partner carriers, we are able to provide resources and local presence. This gives us the flexibility to choose the most cost-effective mode of transport. 

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Trade Mission
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