This week's newsletter focuses on the huge importance of volunteers and how we can celebrate them.  It will also provide you with the tools to recruit and retain a diverse range of volunteers and give you some tips on how to access more funding for your clubs initiatives. 


Each year we join in with the BBC Sports Personality of the Year (SPOTY) awards and ask you to say a #BigThankYou to all the volunteers that keep your clubs thriving. Jessica Ennis-Hill will be announcing the BBC Get Inspired Unsung Hero award to honour the most dynamic, forward-thinking and driven volunteers from across the UK. Now whilst the nominations have closed for this award, it doesn't stop us telling our volunteers how much we appreciate what they do or go on to creating a real buzz on the night via social media.

The SPOTY awards inspire many people to get involved in sport and recreation volunteering and so this is a great opportunity for you all to get yourselves set up on our Volunteer Finder by clicking on 'We need volunteers'. You can't miss this opportunity to show all the great fun opportunities available for them to get involved in at your club. So here are 5 reasons why you should set up your club profile today:
  1. Keep your club fit for the future
  2. Help create a happier more active nation
  3. Enable more participants to get involved in sport and recreation
  4. Create an inclusive community hub
  5. Attract inactive people that might not have even considered sport and recreation as a volunteering opportunity
There are 200,000 volunteers visiting each month looking for an opportunity, so don't let them miss yours!

So if you do one thing this weekend for your club please set up a profile and help us showcase the breadth of grassroots sporting opportunities available for the nation to participate in. 


Following the release of Sport England's Active Lives survey, we were concerned to read about the big drop in volunteers - 400,000 within the last year. From our Sports Club Survey we know that clubs continue to pursue traditional approaches for recruitment and are typically still deploying volunteers in traditional, sport focused roles. However. there is potential to diversify the people who volunteer and to deploy these skills in new areas – particularly in working with inactive people. 

Many of you may rely on ‘face to face’ methods i.e. more on personal connections. Social media and online communication are still being significantly underutilised by clubs. 7 out of 10 clubs need more volunteers and we've created the tool for you to find them and vice versa. Think of the Volunteer Finder as a matching service, similar to that of a dating site but for a different kind of physical activity. 

Watch this short video from our  Director of Communications, Chantel Scherer, as she urges sports clubs to modernise the way they connect with volunteers in an effort to halt the decline in volunteering in sport.


Our awards have been celebrating grassroots sport and recreation for over twenty years, and we champion grassroots work on a national scale, using examples of best practice to drive positive, societal change.

The awards provide tangible evidence of the impact of grassroots sport and recreation on communities.

This year's categories are:

Get your entry in by Sunday 18 November.


Location: London
Organisation: London Sport
Salary: £30,000-£40,000
Closing Date: 7 November 2018
Location: London
OrganisationBritish Paralympic Association (BPA)
Salary: £22,500 - £28,000
Closing Date: 05 November 2018
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