It's time to remove those Shop Farragut signs and submit your new deals & events for the first quarter.

Shop Farragut
Happy New Year! With the flip of the calendar to 2016, the 2015 Shop Farragut Holiday campaign has come to an end. Thank you to the dozens of businesses that participated with special offers and events, and especially to those who pampered our fellas on Farragut Men's Night Out.

If your signs haven't already come down, they MUST BE DOWN BY MONDAY, JANUARY 4TH (unless you have applied to the Town of Farragut for a separate special event permit). Failure to do so could result in a citation.

The Shop Farragut mobile app and Deal Mails subscriptions now total over 3,000 self-identified subscribers, which means these are people who WANT to shop in Farragut and WANT immediate access to your deals and events. So please don't let Shop Farragut be just a holiday promotion for your business; take advantage of it year-round!

Simply email us the details of your deal (coupon, special offer, sale, etc.) and we'll include it on the Shop Farragut pages of our website and on the popular Shop Farragut mobile app...for FREE! The only requirements are that your business is located in Farragut and that you maintain your Farragut Business Privilege License. Be sure to include any terms and limitations, including expiration dates. Already have a print ad you're running in the newspaper? Send that on and we'll upload it as well!

This year we'll be expanding the Shop Farragut mobile app by including an "App Hub" which will link our app to yours. Just send us the web address of your app and a $120 (only $10/month) annual advertising fee, and we'll link you up and start sending consumers to your app from ours!

Don't have your own app? We can assist there, too. To help promote Farragut businesses, we are now able to develop apps with no up-front development costs to businesses. We'll launch your app and handle basic maintenance for a monthly subscription fee of $75. Want to learn more? Email us or give us a call at 307-2486.
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