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20K Grant Challenge
for Buffalo House Completion

The Charging Buffalo facility is entering the final stages of construction.

We are now installing the heating/air-conditioning and the walk-in cooler and approaching the completion of the building.

While there is still much work to be done, a generous donor is offering a giant leap forward. They will match every dollar donated to the Buffalo House, up to $20,000. Whatever amount you donate will be doubled.

By joining the Lakota to complete this project, you are helping to end hunger now and for the next generation.

A Lasting Impact

The buffalo house will help the Lakota in several ways:

Traditional Food Source
It will allow the Lakota to receive traditional buffalo meat from a USDA facility.

Restoring Culture and Ceremony
The meat will be harvested according to their traditional ceremonies, in a humane way with respect for all creatures. They will continue their use of all parts of an animal, with nothing wasted or left over.

Combat Hunger and Diet Related Disease
Diabetes was traditionally unknown among the Lakota. Today, because of the drastic change in diet since being on the Reservation, more than 44% of Lakota have Type II Diabetes.

Contribute to economic development on the Reservation by providing employment to the Lakota as well as services to the tribe and hunters.

The buffalo are more than just a food source to the Lakota culture. They are a connection to traditions that have sustained their people for centuries.

Stand with the Lakota today and help bring back the Buffalo Nation.
Donate today and double your impact. All donations will be matched dollar for dollar up to $20,000.
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