People are burning their clothes to stay warm...
One Spirit
Help the Lakota Stay Warm and Safe
Heat is a major crisis on the reservation.   We are getting ever more reports of people burning clothes to stay warm, 20 or more people at a time in one room using an electric heater, and families who have been out of propane for days and not able to have hot food or drinks. 

Wood is being delivered as fast as we are able to those who can use wood for heat and we are trying to match as many families as possible for a minimum $200 purchase of propane. We are also providing help with conservation measures to make the heat go as far as possible.
The weather forecast is for continued single digits and below zero temperatures.  It is the One Spirit people who are coming forward to help.  Every bit you donate will be used to provide heat during this arctic winter. 

This is a gentleman whose wood was delivered today.  He lives in a small trailer, no indoor plumbing, no running water.  He is unable to use his left arm.  But tonight he is warm.

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