Could you sponsor food for a family or make a monthly donation to help provide food to a family or elder?
Greetings ONE Spirit family,

This is the last month of the winter menus - July starts 4 months of fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the garden.   During this most recent visit to the reservation, wherever I went, people came up to say thanks for the food.  One man commented that he didn't know what he would do if he had to keep eating cornmeal for breakfast.    The families in Red Shirt Table were particularly happy.  Red Shirt is about 50 miles from Manderson where the food comes in.  Jerry and his sons were happy to come to Manderson and transport food back to the homes in Red Shirt.  
We have begun the process to secure a building where we can have freezers and storage.  
Jerry Two Bulls and his family live in Red Shirt and delivered the food to the families there.Red Shirt
We hope that in the near future, we will see the changes that will allow the food program to reach more people with the nutritious food we have been delivering for the past 7 years.    
As you can see from the photos on the right, Red Shirt community is located deep in the Badlands.  There are about 300 people there with many elders.  We want to get food to as many of the families that need it as we possibly can.  They are so appreciative of your help.  While I was on the reservation, I attended the Veterans Powwow.  From the crowd that was there, I heard someone call loudly "One Spirit" - then a gentleman and his family came over to me, shook my hand and said, "Red Shirt wants to thank you for the food."  
We have only two sponsors for food for Red Shirt.  If you can, please help us get food to those that need it.
 Pledges for recurring/monthly donations to support the food program will ensure that we can order the amount of food that is needed.  

Please contact Regina Hay to find out more or click here to make a regular donation to the food program.

 Any amount will help and 100% of your donations will go to provide food. 

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The One Spirit Staff would like to thank each and every one of you for your support 
Love and peace,
Diane, Jeri and Rosalie
Food Boxes
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This month's food delivery is scheduled for:

 Saurday June 30th
The last day to submit food orders is:
Saturday June 23rd
Please email your food selections to Diane today!
Payments can be made online from the ONE Spirit website with PayPal or by mail to:
ONE Spirit
PO Box 3209
Rapid City SD 57709

Red Shirt
Red Shirt

Red Shirt

Red Shirt


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