One Spirit and the Lakota People Face Winter Storms Together
One Spirit and the Lakota People Face Winter Storms Together

Pine Ridge January 2013

One Spirit and the Lakota People Face the Wind Together as Winter Storm Brings Bitter Cold and Blizzards to Pine Ridge Reservation

A winter storm that is currently crossing the Plains and is bringing heavy snow, blizzard conditions, and bone-chilling subzero temperatures and wind chills, will test the mettle of many in its path, including the Lakota of Pine Ridge Reservation.  Many on the reservation rely on wood stoves for heat.   This will be the first major storm this winter but it is highly unlikely to be the last.
With the generous assistance of our donors, the One Spirit Wood Program has been helping to bring heat to Lakota elders, families, and children. Because of the size of the reservation, there are two wood programs – one on the east side of the reservation, run by John DuBray, and one on the west side under the care of Bamm Brewer.   A new log splitter and chainsaw were generously donated to the program’s west side operations recently.   Bamm told us,  “I never used a log splitter; they are amazing! The boys and I tested it out and I can't believe how easily they can split a big hunk of wood. The elders need their wood split for sure so it'll be a great part of the wood program.”

Newly Donated Log Splitter
Bamm’s personal truck, which he has used for the Food and Wood programs, recently broke down beyond repair.  We are in desperate need of a truck.  In addition to providing heat, the Wood Program gives much-needed income for the Lakota men who cut, split, load, and deliver the wood to those in need.

Buffalo Arriving on the Reservation
Bamm Brewer is very hopeful for the future.  “It is said that buffalo, symbols of survival and life, face the wind and stand together in blizzards.   Each time we join everyone together the One Spirit is reborn again and when we all join together everything is possible.” He says that even through tough times, “when all was against us, we stood up and faced the wind of a cold place on the prairie. This way is a Lakota warrior’s way of life and I never could find anyone who could be the same way and have the same way of living until I met Jeri Baker and One Spirit Oyate. “
Bamm Brewer prays for "a better way to help One Spirit help the people." 

Please stand with One Spirit and the Lakota people of Pine Ridge and help ensure that elders, families, and children will not be left in the cold during this storm.Your donation will provide heat and employment.
$100 provides enough wood to keep a family or elder warm for three weeks in really cold weather and helps the Lakota staff of the Wood Program earn money for their family. Any donation can help us purchase a truck that is essential to the Wood and Food Programs.

Please help us keep families and elders warm this winter.
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