Budget Month and more Workshops

DPAC Meeting with Trustees
Our DPAC Executive met with the New Board of Trustees for a conversation about education.  This meeting was a good opportunity Trustees to hear directly from DPAC without staff in attendance.  It was also a good opportunity for our DPAC Executive to hear from Trustees about the challenges of operating the second biggest District in BC.
Budget Input
The Vancouver School Board is in the midst of developing the 2012/13 budget and April 19th is the opportunity for Public Consultation.  Have a look at the proposed budget on the School Board website:  Our District PAC Representatives to Committee III and V will be providing input on behalf of DPAC with the input we have received through the Town Hall Meetings as well as direct input from our DPAC Executive Members.  Your PAC can provide your own input at the Public Meeting on April 19th, 2012.  Your PAC must register to speak at the public meeting. If you wish to be registered to speak at one of the above consultation meetings (April 17, 19, or 25th), contact the Secretary Treasurer’s Office by phone at 604-713-5286 or email:
PAC Celebration
Last years event for PAC Chairs and guests was a great success.  With less than a month away we are hoping to get representation from all the schools.  Our hall is limited to 200 guests and we registration is open on our website.  This is a great opportunity to meet with other PAC Chairs and representatives and share in dinner and refreshments.  It is also an opportunity to share ideas and concerns with other PAC representatives.  If you are a PAC Chair, please register.  If you are not a PAC Chair, please make sure someone is attending from your PAC.
Teachers Dispute
Last month proved to be challenging for parents and teachers as the BCTF escalated their job action and withdrew services.  Our DPAC did survey our PAC representatives which provided our DPAC the opportunity to extend a perspective to Education Minister Abbott in regard to the dispute.  The letter is available here.  While the Government passed Bill 22 and appointed a mediator in an attempt to settle negotiations, we won't know the outcome until well into the summer.  Some interesting information to note is our teachers are 100% valued by our PAC representative that chose to respond to the survey. Out of 230 contacts we had a response from 145 representatives and approximately 100 of our schools.  This was a great response considering it was at Spring Break during a very busy month.  A copy of our letter was shared at the BCTF AGM with a standing ovation and applause.  Regardless of how negotiations go, the teachers were pleased with the letter calling on the Government and Teachers to negotiate responsibly and put students in the first.
DPAC Executive Nominations
Next month we will be opening up nominations for our DPAC Executive.  If you know a parent who is interested in advocacy and has a District perspective, invite them to consider running for our DPAC Executive.  Our DPAC has 12 executive positions and two community positions of which we currently have eight executive and one community positions filled.  There is a lot of interesting information to share and building a strong DPAC requires participation from across all of our PACs.  With 110 PACs all around Vancouver, it is important to have a broad perspective at our DPAC.  The time commitment is typically four meetings per month which include two DPAC Executive meetings and representation on School Board Committees.  For more information contact any of our current DPAC Executive members.  Contact information is available at 
BCCPAC Conference and AGM
While May 27th seems a long time away, it is time to plan.  If your PAC is planning to attend the AGM, we want to know and if your PAC is not planning to attend, we still want to make your vote count at the AGM.  We will be contacting all members of BCCPAC in Vancouver over the next month to request confirmation of your PACs attendence or to request your Proxy Form (voting credentials).  Please check with your PAC and plan ahead. 
BCCPAC Resolutions
Our DPAC will be hosting a meeting to review the BCCPAC Resolutions at 7:00 PM on Thursday, May 17th.  This meeting is an opportunity to share your PACs perspective with our DPAC representatives as well as an opportunity to have a better understanding of the proposed resolutions.  John Puddifoot has agreed to facilitate this meeting which should assist in a clear understanding of the resolutions as he is a BCCPAC Director and is on the BCCPAC Resolutions Acceptance committee.  This will be of particular interest to BCCPAC Member PACs but is also open to non-member PACs for input to our DPAC.  Our DPAC is a member of BCCPAC and will be representing a District view at the BCCPAC AGM.

Events of Interest
DPAC receives many requests to promote events for community groups, private business and many other opportunities.  The criteria we use to determine if we should be promoting events include relevance to education, interest to PACs, interest to parents as it relates to education and not for profit.  If a request is received and an event meets the criteria we will post the event on our website as well as share with all our PAC representatives.  As we do not want to inidate you with "junk mail", we will provide a summary of the events in our e-bulletin for reference to our website.  Special notices may be sent out when an event is time sensitive and considered important to share with our PACs.  Please forward any information to your PAC executive and, when appropriate, to your school community.
Caution - For Profit
A Company called "S-Trips" is using students in high schools to promote school trips which are not supported by the Schools or School Board.  Please see our webpage under Current Issues for more information.
Understanding why Latin@ students choose to leave or stay in school
This is a symposium on this Friday, April 13th from 6:30 to 9:00 PM.  Share this with anyone you know who may be interested.
The Future of Education - April 17th
The John Oliver PAC is hosting a discussion on "The Future of Education" on April 17 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.  To prominent Professors, Paul Shaker (SFU) and Charles Ungerleider (UBC) will be offering their insight to our education system.  This will be an interesting forum with some intriguing insight.
Bullyproof Your Daughter - April 26th
This workshop will be of interest to parents with daughters.  Please share with anyone you know who may be interested.  More information is available on our website.
Parents as Career Coaches - May 16th and 22nd
In collaboration with the Capilano University we are offering a special workshop for parents of Grade 11 and 12 students.  If you are representing a Secondary School, please share this with all your parents.  Registration is required and can be completed on our website at  A separate notice will be sent to our Secondary PACs specifically promoting this event.

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