Micro-Lesson #5: Describe Your Sign
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Lunarium Micro-Lesson #5

Hello fellow students of astrology! Here is your next lesson.

First of all, I had an amazing feedback to my previous lesson. Andrea wrote: “I’ve known the qualities concept for a long time and understand it completely, but neither was able to put it in words so clearly, nor had I ever found a better description of them. You nailed it perfectly! Wow!”. Thank you so much! I do pay a lot of attention to understanding and explaining the basics, I believe this is very important for understanding of astrology. And also, as a result, those very basics begin to work for you, and you can see how astrology is becoming a way to understand life and people rather than a belief.

Saulius “got some great insight of why some are the way they are & how to help each one… including myself”, and Sandy wrote that understanding of the fixed nature of Aquarius helped her to better understand her partner and to see him in a different light. This is exactly what I am trying to achieve. There is a very superficial “star sign” astrology and there is a very technical proper astrology, and between them is a precipice. I am trying to create an astrology which is comprehensible and useful for everyone. Let’s see how I will manage this.

Now to the topic of today’s lesson.

Understanding the Signs of the Zodiac as a Combination of an Element and a Quality

What I would like you to learn today is to understand the basic characteristics of each of the signs of the zodiac by combining the sign’s Element and Quality. My point is that you don’t need books to give you a description of the signs; by knowing just the Element and the Quality you can create a decent description yourself, and that description will be the most appropriate for the situation or problem you are dealing with.

Notice that each sign represents a unique combination of the Element and the Quality.

For example, the Air signs are interested in information and communication. Of them, Libra is Cardinal, so makes the first step, initiates a contact, reaches out to meet another person. For Libra, the most valuable source of information is a particular person, a partner.

Aquarius is a Fixed sign, and so typically has an intense interest in some subject, tends to be an expert in that particular area. The preferred source of information for Aquarius is either another expert, or a book. Many aquarians love books, and this is understandable: first, books are typically written by experts, second, they represent a fixed and concentrated kind of knowledge you can rely on, and also you can spend plenty of time reading a book, without being distracted to anything else.

Gemini is a Mutable Air, and so is open to all sources of information, no matter how small or seemingly unimportant they are. Gemini collects information from everyone and everywhere, and then shares it with everyone in the world.

See how I was able to put together little stories about the Air signs, simply combining their Element and Quality? That’s just an example, to get you started.

What I want you to do is to choose a sign of the zodiac — perhaps your or your partner’s Sun Sign or Moon Sign — and write about it a little story, explaining how its Element and Quality work together. Please take your time and actually write that story, then send it to me by replying to this email. To develop your understanding of astrology, it is very important to keep doing things practically rather than thinking about them theoretically.

If you need an inspiration, have a look at my Moon Sign Book. It has chapters about each of the signs of the zodiac, with plenty of examples of people having their Moon in that sign. Some examples are quite surprising.

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