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We are living in a world saturated by color. Color brings vitality to everything we do. It is everywhere, a source of information and a powerful psychological tool. Careful use of color can contribute to differentiating products and stimulate moods, attitude and feeling - positively or negatively - towards your product. Discolored red meat, for example, is recognized as old and not fresh.

But exactly how much do we really understand about color and use it to our advantage? To equip you with color measurement knowledge, Konica Minolta Sensing like to introduce you to our educational webinars. These webinars serve to decipher complicated color science into simple to understand language.

Use our videos to learn the theories of color measurement. Play pause, forward or rewind as you like. You control the pace.  

Konica Minolta Sensing webinars include general fundamentals of color science, as well as specific applications of color measurement into the paint and coating, plastics and food industry.  
Register here today to discover more about color measurement!
Enjoy the journey.


Stephen Ong
PT Dainan 2 Indonesia


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