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Do you remember the days where your electric kettle, refrigerator, irons, washing machines, computers, mobile phones come in neutral colors? Well, the days are over. Over time our preference for colors evolved. Today, these ‘white goods’ comes in seasonal colors and represents one’s personality and lifestyle.

Manufacturers of electronic goods know that it is difficult to win the heart of consumers based on technology alone. As such, they are focusing heavily on the aesthetic. Today, mobile phones and tablets come in various colors with swanky names like matte black, pearl white, la fleur red, titanium silver….. These fanciful colors are created to influence buying decision.

This is one reason why manufacturers are spending top money in product design today right from the start of the product development cycle. However, getting the desired color can be a complicated process in its making. Matching and controlling the color of plastics require color knowledge.

Here is one article on how one company controls the color of their plastics.


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