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Color influences buying decision.  In the food industry, color is one important attribute.  The first impression, a consumer gets about a product is the packaging.  A brightly fresh colored packaging gets the attention while a jaded one gets pushed aside.
Two pieces of raw beef steaks, one bright shining red and the other - dull.  Which one do you prefer?  The bright and shinning piece comes across as fresh and the dull, as old and stale.  Consumers are discerning buyers, this is why successful brands ensure that their colors are manufactured within tolerances.  Color control and management are conducted in their product development, production, quality control and assurance programs.
In today's retail world, the packaging and its contents are more important than nose appeal. Both fresh and processed food producers know this well and are increasingly adopting instrumental color measurement technologies and practices to control color across a wide range of applications.
For more information on color control in the food industry, click here to download the whitepaper.


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