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Color and quality are synonymous.  Today’s consumers are discerning and demanding for superior quality and exact colors.
Color control and management is the key to meet your customer’s expectation and with a carefully crafted color control and management program, you can get your colors right all the time.
The benefits are tangible:
Improve communication   A common color language improving communications and expectations leading to quality and efficiency on the assembly floor.
Improve yield   Reduce mismatched assembly, reducing downtime and reworks. 
Improved workflow   A unified color understanding throughout your supply chain making ‘just in time’ delivery works.
Getting Started   Basic color theory to get you started on the fundamental of color science.  This module starts with an insight on how color can be described in three values, providing a common platform for color communication.  And with this understanding, the foundation of color measurement is built on. The established CIELab color space and ▲Eab color difference equation will be introduced.
Call Us   Many manufacturers and their supply chain have gained from our color education series.  Let us help you color your world.
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