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Good morning, everyone, and HAPPY LAST WEEK OF CLASSES!  Congratulations on completing another successful semester. This week we are promoting study break opportunities and good habits during finals.  We'll be sending one more edition of Wildcat Connections next Monday, so it isn't time for sad goodbyes yet.  Have a wonderful week!
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Dates and Deadlines

Check your final dates!
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What's Happening?

Eat Healthy, Get Exercise, and Prepare for Finals
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Take time to think about your health!
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Resource Connection

The Importance of Sleep and Stress-Relief
Dates and Deadlines

Check your Finals schedule! 
May 1st - Last Day of Classes
May 2nd - Reading Day - No classes! 
May 3rd - Finals begin
May 9th - Last Day of Finals

What's Happening?

Check Out Finals Survival Week: Symbol of A+ on image of  lined notebook paper

Finals Survival Week May 1st-8th!
4/29-5/1: Planning For Finals Info Fair (Tent on The Mall)
5/1-5/3, 5/6-5/8: Free 15 Minute Chair Massages (8 - 10 pm at Campus Rec: Rec Spa)
And more! Look forward to free snacks, free yoga, free coffee, and extended hours at certain restaurants!
Check out the entire list of events to learn more.

Piece of paper promoting Outreach Facilitator Study Break on Tuesday, April 30th from 2-4pm at Ben's Bells

Now until 5/9 - Group Fitness Classes at Campus Rec
Every day at various times : Campus Rec (1st floor Map, 2nd floor Map)
Stress relief is crucial to your well-being during these last few weeks of school. Think about going to one of the Group Fitness Classes offered at the Rec. Look over the schedule of classes to find out when you can squeeze in a little time for yoga, spinning, dancing, or one of several other options. If you don't already have a pass, you can get the One-Class Pass for only $7! If you want to get day-to-day reminders for classes, sign up for the Fitness Listserv!

5/1 - ThinkTank's "Preparing for Final Exams"
5-6pm : Bear Down Gym
This is the last of the Academic Skills Workshops for the semester, and it is the how-to class for getting ready to take your finals. You can meet individually with an academic skills tutor, if you need more individual attention. You can also look through the Exam Preps list to see if your Math class will have its own 2-hour Finals workshop.

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Summer is a great time to start better habits! Look for blogs about eating a healthy, balanced diet and quick breakfast and lunch ideas for students on the go!

Resource Connection

Sleep: Are You Getting Enough?
Getting the right amount of sleep is essential. Your body can't function at the level you need when you only sleep 1-2 hours a night. Sometimes it's tempting because you have to study for an exam, write a paper, or to hang out with friends, but it has its effects. When we don't get enough sleep, our bodies build sleep "debt." This debt leads us to be less alert and more irritable, less able to concentrate and complete tasks, and it can cause accidents. If you struggle sleeping or deprive your body, click the link to look at different strategies provided by Campus Health.

Help-- I'm So Stressed Out:
Campus Health has great tips for managing your stress. The short term stress managers are as follows: Relax where you are, take a break, and reflect. Relax where you are, close your eyes, breath deeply, and imagine yourself in a peaceful place. Take a break, do some exercise, get fresh air, or find a private location to yell and cry. Finally, reflect: should this really be something that you are stressing about?

Managing Stress During Exams:
Plan your time wisely, try to start studying a week in advance for each exam, set a specific goal for each study session, and try to avoid exam-time exhaustion. No matter how hard we prepare, exams are always accompanied by stress. Don't let stress break you down physically, emotionally, or mentally.

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