Read on to hear about Wilbur's first-year experience! Any of his challenges sound familiar?
Wilbur sitting at the dinner table with Wilma & Wilbur senior.
Hey Wildcat!

This is the story of Wilbur's first year at the University of Arizona. Make sure you click on all the pictures and underlined links below to learn about all the great resources that helped Wilbur!

Wilbur standing in CESL Library

Wilbur stayed on track by knowing important dates and deadlines. He used the 8 Day Study Plan, and he planned out life for Fall 2013.  Wilbur also knew when to register for Fall 2013 classes. He didn't wait to register and got all the classes he wanted!

4/8-12: Sophomore Priority Registration
4/15-19: Freshmen Priority Registration

Wilbur always knew what was happening on campus because he was so involved in clubs. Wilbur loved to skim through the UA Master Calendar to find the best events to attend! 

This week, look out for  An Evening with RJ Mitte of 'Breaking Bad' on April 9th and Spring Fling from April 11th to 14th!

Wilbur on a horse
Wilbur standing in front of ZonaZoo

Wilbur became overwhelmed by all of his organizational commitments and the classes he was taking. By getting too involved originally, he over-corrected for boredom. Wilbur was stretched too thin, and he needed to develop better time management skills.

Wilbur found help managing his stress at CAPS.

Wilbur started to fall behind. He questioned his Four-Year Plan and wondered what he could do with his major.  He considered transferring to a different university, and he wanted to learn more about withdrawing. Deep down, he knew he wanted to remain a Wildcat!

Wilbur talked to his Academic Advisor.

Wilbur between two books with the talk bubble saying, "and I fell behind"
Wilbur in the middle of a classroom with bubble saying "I didn't know who to turn to..."

After talking to his Academic Advisor, Wilbur's fixed his schedule, but he still faced some struggles balancing family and school. Wilbur did not know who to turn to, but he soon found a supportive group of people on campus!

Wilbur asked his Outreach Facilitator for help finding resources and other information.

 With some help, Wilbur finally took control of his situation! After a few let-downs, he learned how to cope with unexpected bad grades and excel as a student.

Wilbur went to the Office of the Registrar to learn about the Grade Replacement Opportunity to help improve his cumulative GPA.  

Wilbur running down the football field with a UA flag
Wilbur laying on the University or Arizona banner

 Now, Wilbur knows to turn to his Outreach Facilitator for help getting ahead at the University of Arizona, and he always reads Wildcat Connections!

Wilbur also stays in-the-know by following the CatsConnect Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
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