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Update on Kidney Stones

There are 2 basic categories of kidney stones.

1. Infection stones. These are magnesium ammonium phosphate (Struvite) and calcium carbonate apatite stones. This category of stones is stimulated by urinary tract infections.

2. Metabolic stones. (calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, hydroxyapatite, brushite, uric acid, and cystine)

In Georgia, for the most part, most people make calcium oxalate stones. These have been fairly easily treatable with Lithotripsy, and occasionally Ureteroscopy with Holmium Laser Lithotripsy. Dr. Boone has not had to make an incision on a patient for a kidney stone since 1988. This is mostly due to the amazing engineers who designed excellent technology and to Northside Hospital who purchased all the latest technology.

Of concern, nationwide, there appears to be a much higher incidence of calcium phosphate stones. These are much harder to treat and may indeed appear to cause kidney damage. The calcium phosphate stones have a much lower success rate with all treatments no matter what is done, these stones have a much higher re-occurrence rate and a lower success rate with treatments.

The patients who form calcium phosphate stones uniformly appear to have a higher than normal urinary pH. Your urinary pH is checked each time that you come to our office. The elevated urinary pH appears to the inciting event for forming these stones. If you are a calcium phosphate stone former, you  may need a more intensive metabolic work-up to help prevent stones.

Want to increase your testosterone “naturally”? Many medical studies have shown that the FAT cell is not just sitting there relaxing! FAT CELLS perform  all kinds of “activities” that are not healthy for your body. One of the things that fat cells do in men, is to convert their TESTOSTERONE TO ESTROGEN!

Yes, guys, those little fat cells are trying to turn you into a girl!!!

There is an enzyme in the fat cell called aromatase and it is responsible for this nasty little conversion of the male hormone (testosterone) into the female hormone,( estrogen)!

Too much fat can decrease your sperm quality, your sperm production, your bone mass, your muscle mass, your libido, your erectile health and can most certainly harm your heart.

So, this summer Dr. Boone would like for all of her male patients to get more active, hit the farmers markets and eat those whole foods and vegetables and increase their testosterone by decreasing those fats cells! MOVE MORE AND EAT LESS! (Also watch your dairy products, as full fat dairy products can also increase your estrogen levels)

Dr. Boone is very excited and humbled to have been named on the Top Docs list again this year! Of course, nobody does anything alone.

Dr. Boone is very proud of her staff and their compassion. She is also appreciative of Northside Hospital, Northside Hospital Emergency Room, Northside Hospital Radiology, Northside Hospital Anesthesia, and all of the many wonderful nurses who never get the credit that they deserve!

She realizes that without a great team in all areas, quality medicine could not be performed.

We are grateful to all of our wonderful patients and look forward to many more years of urology practice in Alpharetta.

In case any of you are not aware of this honor, the Top Docs designation is voted by physicians. Doctors in Georgia vote on other doctors to determine who they believe to be practicing quality medicine. It is unusual for a solo doctor like Dr. Boone to get the award. Frequently, it goes to the doctors from large groups. So, we are particularly thrilled to have gotten the award again this year. 
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