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Dr. Boone was voted one of Atlanta's top doctors in Atlanta Magazine's 2016 poll of other doctors.   

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Dr. Lee in Seattle recently confirmed what Dr. Boone has been doing for years!
She suggested nonantimicrobial treatments for UTI.
She suggested: Post-menopausal women should use topical estrogen therapy two nights per week.
Cranberry has been proven to have proanthocyanidins (PACs) which inhibit bacteria from sticking to the bladder lining. As the amount of cranberry PACs can vary, Dr. Boone suggests the use of Theracran every 12 hours, as it has a controlled amount of cranberry extract in each pill.
The science of using probiotics has finally been shown. Dr. Boone suggests using either Culturelle every 12 hours, or if the patient can afford it, VSL-3, one packet every 12-24 hours.
Vitamin C acidifies the urine and theoretically, should help kill bacteria. But, vitamin C causes oxalate production in the urine and that can lead to kidney stones. So, Dr. Boone does not currently suggest the use of Vitamin C for prevention of UTI.
Methenamine should cause bacterial wall destruction.  Dr. Boone has not had excellent clinical results with this drug, but is willing to revisit it, to avoid antibiotics.
D-Mannose has been shown to inhibit E. coli from adhering to the bladder wall. High doses of D-Mannose can lead to pre-diabetic conditions and so, Dr. Boone uses it rarely.
Recently, she has used Monurol (3 gram packets) to treat mild UTI. So far, it has worked well.
Since the discovery of the newest SUPER resistant E coli last month, Dr. Boone suggests that doctors and patients do all that we can to avoid over use of antibiotics.
As always, maintain good hygiene and drink 50-60 ounces of water per day, unless your primary doctor tells you to refrain.
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