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NOCTURIA (getting up more than once to urinate at night)

Getting up frequently at night to urinate can ruin your health! Lack of good quality sleep can cause fatigue, missed work, poor immunity, depression and obesity.
Only 57% of people with nighttime frequent urination have a bladder cause. 43% have a non-urologic cause for getting up at night to urinate.
What are some measures that YOU can take before coming to the doctor?
  1. Always urinate just before going to bed
  2. Decrease fluid intake or if possible, have NO fluid intake in the four hours before bedtime
  3. Avoid all caffeine and alcohol beverages six hours before bedtime ; they are diuretics.
  4. Improve your sleep hygiene by having a very quiet, very dark, cool bedroom with a very comfortable mattress and pillow.
  5. Consider taking a warm shower or bath before bed.
  6. Be sure that you avoid the news, technology or anything else that is exciting right before bedtime. You want to start slowing your day down for the two hours before bed.
  7. Meditation, hypnotherapy, light yoga, reading spiritual literature or poetry, writing in a journal or just lying on your back with your legs elevated and thinking of all the people you love or the things about which you are grateful will help calm you for bedtime.
  8. If you find that your legs swell during the day, consider wearing daytime compression stockings.
  9. Women: do the Kegel pelvic floor exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor.
  10. Daily exercise done before 5 p.m. can improve sleep quality
  11. Make sure that you take any diuretic drugs in the morning, IF your internal medicine or cardiology doctor agrees.
If you are doing all of these things and are still experiencing nocturia, go to our website and do a detailed voiding diary for three days. VOIDING DIARY  If you are urinating more than 2.5 liters of urine per 24 hours, try decreasing your fluid intake to less than 55 oz. in 24 hours. If that does not help, see Dr. Boone.
Non-urologic causes of nocturia: mild chronic heart failure, sleep apnea, diabetes mellitus and insipidus, psychogenic polydipsia, peripheral edema, and defect in atrial natriuretic peptide.
There are many urologic causes.  Our goal would be to decrease your getting up to go to the bathroom to just one time. That will assist you in getting into that deep REM sleep stage that is so healing to the body.

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