February 2014 Newsletter

From Martha B. Boone, MD

New Urine Testing for Prostate Cancer

Several patients have asked me about the test PCA3 which is an molecular urine test checking for prostate cancer. As everyone has read or heard in the news, the PSA is not an ideal test. Specifically, it cannot distinguish between prostate cancer, benign prostatic hypertrophy, and prostatitis.

Urologists have long sought some test that would be better than having to proceed immediately to biopsy to determine the nature of the pathology in an elevated PSA. Unfortunately, 25% of men who have a normal PSA my actually already have prostate cancer.

The urine test PCA3 has been reported to be expressed in 95% of primary prostate cancer patients.

After a prostate exam during which each side of the prostate is massaged at least 3 times, a urine specimen is collected.

At this time, Dr. Boone does not believe that the PCA3 urine test is the best next step. But, the literature shows that the test is sensitive 77% of the time and specific for prostate cancer 57% of the time.
If you are a male who has been recommended for a prostate biopsy and you have chosen not to do so, you may be interested in having this test. If the test were to be positive, it would be strong evidence that you should consider the prostate biopsy. If the test were to be negative, there is a 25% that you could still have a prostate cancer that was not detected.
We are not strongly recommending that men have this test at this time, but we want to make our patients aware of the most up-to-date information. All of us will be following the continued research on this test, as it could assist in having some men not go through the more invasive prostate biopsy.


Cheaper Prescription Drugs

Some patients have reported having able to get less expensive drugs through CANADA DRUGS at 1-800-841-8598.
Dr. Boone has NO personal experience with CANADA DRUGS. But, several patients who have found that their drug prices have greatly increased, have been able to get better deals through this company.


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