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Dr. Boone will be out of the office May 30th through June 16th.  The office will NOT be refilling prescriptions during this time! Please call before then if you will need refills.  
URINARY RETENTION (not being able to empty your bladder): PREVENTION IS THE KEY!
$495,000,000,000 (BILLION) spent in the United States on urinary retention in one year! This is a common and miserable experience for patients.
15-30% of men and 10-20% of women will experience urinary retention in the course of their lives.
Risk factors: Male, diabetes, age over 40, stroke, MS, some medications, taking in more than 65 oz. of fluid per 24 hours, cold weather, psychiatric medications, general anesthesia, over the counter cold medications, low back problems, and stress.  In females, pelvic organ prolapse can lead to urine retention.
For MEN, the key is a yearly visit to the urologist. Dr. Boone does the following for most men to determine their risk group:
Detailed history (done on our portal)
Physical exam of your genitals and rectum/prostate
AUA score (from our website) this is a very reliable questionnaire to help determine your risk for future urinary retention
Urine flow study (at the visit, the patient voids with a full bladder into a flow meter) this simple test is a great indication of your flow dynamics. (Is the bladder weak or strong? Is the prostate obstructing the bladder or not?)
Bladder ultrasound (at your visit, we use ultrasound to determine the residual urine in your bladder after you have voided. Most urine retention starts chronically and has NO symptoms. You think that you are emptying your bladder and you are not!) We look to see if you are emptying, if your bladder wall is thick, if your prostate is growing into your bladder and if the ureter tubes coming from your kidneys are dilated.
Blood work: Prostate specific antigen (the higher this number, the more likely you are to have retention in the future), BUN and Creatinine (these tests give us an idea of your kidney function)
Urine tests:  A complete urine analysis tests for many body functions that can predict health
A thorough yearly male urologic exam is geared towards prevention of urinary retention.
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