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We are very happy to report that Dr. Boone was chosen AGAIN, as a TOP DOCTOR in Georgia! This great honor is chosen by the other doctors in the state and less than ten percent of all doctors even get nominated! She is very humbled to have been chosen for three years running.

Dr. Boone spent May 15th-20th of this year doing “continuing medical education" :

Dr. Boone has recently been to the American Urologic Association meeting and is fully “up to date” on the use of Botox injections in the urinary tract.
Botox (clostridium botulinum) has been used in the bladder since 1988. MANY studies have been done on its safety and efficacy in the bladder.
Dr. Boone uses Botox routinely in patients with MS, spinal cord injury, overactive bladder, frequency and urgency and urge incontinence. She also uses it in some patients with interstitial cystitis, Parkinsonism and spina bifida.
The most recent and detailed studies show that patients who have neurologic damage to the bladder need higher doses of Botox (300 units), while patients with simple urgency, frequency and urge incontinence benefit most from lower doses. (100 units)
When lower doses are used, the chance of a patient having difficulty emptying their bladder after Botox injection goes down to 6 %.( 94% are successfully treated and can empty)
So, Dr. Boone’s enthusiasm for using Botox injection has gone up.
If you have frequency, urgency, urge incontinence or recalcitrant IC, and have failed at least two oral medications (OR you cannot take OAB drugs), contact us to consider Botox therapy.
Martha Boone, M.D.
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