Do You Love Yourself – Unconditionally?

Volume 2 Issue 8

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Summer is here and so are the fresh fruits and vegetables.  As a kid growing up I just took it for granted that there would be great things on the table from my mother’s garden.  I remember going to my grandparents and stripping the pea patch clean.  We would run off and sit in the field (you dare not sit where Gran could see you!)  and eat the peas right from the pod.  Raw peas in the shell are still one of my favourite foods today.
My daughter is now dating a farmer and after spending a few days of our holidays at the farm, it proved to me that farming if not for the faint of heart.  I knew about the long hours and hard work but I saw first hand how things can change in an instance for them.  The livelihood of the farmer seems to be so influenced and dependent on nature.  During our visit we weathered out a severe storm with no apparent damage to the crops.  The heavy rain however, meant that the dogs did not hear the clucking of the chickens when a fox entered their coop.  The next morning I actually spotted the fox entering the chicken coop and alerted everyone that there was a fox.  They didn't’t get the fox but they discovered that the fox had been in during the night and had killed almost half of the laying hens.   I don’t think I will look at an egg again and not think about how that day. 
“Farmers Feed Cities” is an organization that is helping to increase the awareness of the value and contribution that farmers contribute to Ontario’s economic, physical and social health.  When shopping this summer remember our neighbours, the farmers, and support their business.  It is one of those win – win situations. You will be enjoying all of the benefits and tastes of fresh produce and helping our local farmers at the same time.  Many supermarkets are now posting if the products are grown locally, Ontario grown or grown in other countries.  Support the farmers of your community and province and remember: “Farmers feed Cities!”
This months feature article is about loving ourselves unconditionally.  Putting fresh, and healthy food into our bodies is just one of the ways you can love yourself.  Check out the Feature Article to find out more about loving ourselves unconditionally.   
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Special Items to Share

I recently attended a Reiki Drum Healing class with Deborah Carter, one of my Reiki teachers.  At one point during the class she read us this poem and I thought it was a great one to share with all of you.    

The Prison Cell
by Mahmoud Darwish translated from Arabic by Ben Bennani

It is possible
It is possible at least sometimes…
It is possible especially now
To ride a horse
Inside a prison cell
And run away……

It is possible for prison walls,
To disappear,
For the cell to become a distant land
Without frontiers:

-What did you do with the walls?
-I gave them back to the rocks.
-And what did you do with the ceiling?
-I turned it into a saddle.
-And your chain?
-I turned it into a pencil.

The prison guard got angry.
He put an end to the dialogue.
He said he didn't’t care for poetry,
And bolted the door of my cell.

He came back to see me
In the morning;
He shouted at me:
-Where did all this water come from?
-I brought it from the Nile.
-And the trees?
-From the orchards of Damascus.
-And the music?
-From my heartbeat.

The prison guard got mad:
He put an end to my dialogue.
He said he didn't’t like my poetry,
And bolted the door to my cell.

But he returned in the evening:
-Where did this moon come from?
-From the nights of Baghdad.
-And the wine?
-From the vineyards of Algiers.
-And this freedom?
-From the chain you tied me with last night.

The prison guard grew so sad….
He begged me to give him back
His freedom.



Feature Article:  Do You Love Yourself – Unconditionally?

Wispy clouds in blue sky
Everywhere you go these days it seems that people are talking about self esteem and loving ourselves and taking care of ourselves.  But what does it mean to love yourself?    How do you love yourself? 
Some suggestions I have heard over the years include:
·         Take a break and go away for the weekend and forget about it all.
·         Go and have a pedicure and manicure.  It is so relaxing to get time away from the office of the house. 
·         Take a nap (I especially liked this one and have tried it as often as I can. J)
·         Get a new hair style or a full make over.
·         Go shopping.
·         A nice bottle of wine and a good man (or movie.)
·         Eating healthy, exercising and drinking lots of water.
·         Taking time for yourself. 
Well I have tried all of theses and have found that although they help me feel good they are temporary solutions.  Like a bandage covering the hole in a bucket of water.  After a while the glue gets moist, and comes loose and then falls off.   The rush again tries to throw you off balance.   To continue reading please click here



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On July 31st I will be a guest speaker for the Healing Arts Series offered by  Unity Church on Wednesday evenings throughout the months of July and August. July 31.   There will be a lot of great information shared so please check it out.  


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About Elizabeth 

Elizabeth is a Reiki Master Teacher and a Karuna Reiki ® Master Teacher.    She is a professional member of the International Centre for Reiki Training Association. Elizabeth brings a vast range of experience having studied Reiki over a span of 8 years with 4 different teachers.   Elizabeth is also an active volunteer within the community donating her time at hospice and the outreach programs of her church.  In 2011 she opened her own studio, Energy Works Naturally, where she provides treatments and teaches Reiki.
Anyone can learn how to do Reiki, even children.  Through teaching, Elizabeth encourages her students to become an active participant in their own healing process.
Her favourite saying: "Take Care and Keep Smiling"

Elizabeth is grateful she is able to smile.  Over the past 11 years Elizabeth has experienced episodes of nerve pain (trigeminal neuralgia) along the side of her face.  Some days it was difficult both physically and emotionally to smile.   Using Reiki in harmony with other natural therapies she has been medication free for over 5 years and she keeps smiling. 

A smile gives a multitude of blessings to the receiver and the giver.
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