We refuse to live by the sword
Choosing to stand together

Israeli-Palestinian demonstration in the occupied territories

Friday, November 20th, 1:30pm, at the “Tunnels” checkpoint (Road 60)

Combatants for Peace is leading this Friday a joint Israeli-Palestinian demonstration, as part of the national campaign of the “Standing Together” initiative. Following the successful demonstrations in Jerusalem, Haifa and Rahat, we will now hold a joint peaceful Israeli-Palestinian demonstration in the occupied territories against the occupation. It is important to participate in this protest to support a message of unity against violence. Transportation is available.

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We, Arabs and Jews, Israelis and Palestinians want to live in peace, independence and justice. And we have a clear message: We refuse to live forever by the sword, and we choose to stand together, in Israel and in Palestine.

Facing the travesty of doing everything except making peace, and with the ever-increasing escalation, we choose to take action and stand together at the epicenter of control over another people, the checkpoints. We refuse to accept the occupation and despair and choose to take a joint stand. Next Friday we will board the buses leaving the cities in Israel and Palestine to stand together, demonstrate together, to declare that there is an answer to the reality of killing, violence and hatred, and there is an answer to the despair that comes from years of domination over another people and denial of its independence.
Let us stand together against racism, fear and incitement; stand together for peace, independence and justice for both peoples.

The demonstration will take place on Friday, November 20, at 13:30, at the “Tunnels” checkpoint.

Buses will leave from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Beersheba and Haifa. Please click on this link to register for transportation.

Your presence is important!