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How much water do my roses need?

It’s hard to believe Christmas is almost here – and by now your roses should be looking delightful.

Picking roses from the garden for the Christmas table is one of life’s true delights.
There are so many roses that make excellent cut roses – keep this in mind when ordering your roses next year.


To make them last at least a week longer than usual remember to cut from plants that have been well watered, preferably in the morning.
Then put them into a bucket of water for about half a day prior to putting them into a vase.

Change the water daily - you can also use a conditioner that will keep the roses looking fresh for a longer time: your Garden Centre will be able to suggest you the best product.

Around the Nursery

Budding season is almost upon us and our budders from Belgium will work their way through thousands of roses a day, often in extreme heat and humidity.

We are running about a month behind this task as the weather has been cold and wet for so long.
Budding is a highly specialised process but is one that is essential to our business to ensure we grow big, strong, healthy plants in a shape that is suitable for packaging and delivery to our customers.

Budded roses do better when they are budded onto rootstock as opposed to their own cuttings, showing more consistent growth.

In next month’s newsletter we’ll go into more detail about the technique.


Christmas is sorted with a Wagner’s Gift Voucher

A Wagner’s Rose Nursery Gift Voucher is the perfect solution for Christmas this year, available in six amounts from $15 through to $150.

The Gift Vouchers can be redeemed on next season’s roses by ordering online through the 2017 Wagner’s Rose Nursery Catalogue from January.

There are also beautiful rose photographic prints available, created by Benedetta Rusconi.

Make your selection online and we can arrange package and handling.
To look at the options simply go to our website or call the us on 08 8739 3321.



Our Wagner’s team member profile this month is Sam Lathlean, our Field Manager.


What do you enjoy about working at the Nursery?
Working outdoors is the most enjoyable part of working at the Nursery. I also really like budding time during the Summer.
What are your biggest challenges?
I don’t enjoy digging season, particularly the cold, wintery weather that goes along with that!
Which time of year is your favorite in the Nursery?
Summer and Autumn, when the roses are out.
What is your favourite type of rose – bush / standard / old fashioned? And variety?
I’m partial to bush roses, and love ‘Sally Holmes’- for its great display of single white blooms and few prickles.
What do you enjoy doing in your time away from the Nursery?
Not working! And spending time fishing, golf, reading and cooking.



Irrigation essential in hot weather

Despite our recent (and welcome!) wet winter and spring – particularly in the southern parts of Australia – it is essential that watering isn’t forgotten as the weather warms up.
It doesn’t take long for the soil moisture levels to drop.

By doing a visual check on drippers, applying mulch and regular watering, your roses will be well set up for the summer.
Give them a deep soak at least once a week - preferably in the morning to avoid the plant holding moisture overnight which can lead to disease.

Water for up to two hours depending on the rate of application.


The following day, get a spade and dig down to spade depth, near a rose plant.

Check that it is moist down to that level. If it isn’t, the plant isn’t getting enough water so you will need to increase the number - or duration - of waterings.
If you have a drip irrigation system, be sure to do a visual check on each dripper.

They can get clogged with ants, soil and calcium buildup, and need to be regularly maintained to be effective.

Overhead irrigation by large sprinklers running off a polypipe throughout the rose garden are also effective as they throw large ‘raindrop’ water onto the plants and soil.


2017 Catalogue reveals new varieties!

We are busy working on the 2017 Wagner’s Rose Nursery Catalogue and have a few beautiful roses to reveal over the next few months.

‘Boscobel’ is new to the David Austin stable, featuring beautiful, salmon pink, upward-facing blooms, held on strong stems.


It is named for England’s ‘Boscobel House’ which was built in 1632 - famous for the fact that Charles II hid there in an oak tree whilst being pursued by Cromwell’s soldiers during the English Civil War.

The blooms commence as red buds which open at first to pretty cups, gradually developing into classic rosettes.

The delightful, medium-strong myrrh fragrance has a hawthorn character with hints of elderflower, pear and almond.
Vigorous and healthy variety, it is quick to establish in the garden where it will form an upright shrub of medium size, with dark green, glossy foliage.

This rose would do well positioned toward the middle of the border.
Height approx. 1.5m x 1m.


Next Month

We’ll give you an update on the progress of the budders, and what’s involved in this specialised field of work.
In the meantime we wish you a very happy, safe festive season and may 2017 be filled with new roses!
The Team at Wagner’s.
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