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We're here to support anyone posting to social media. And if it turns out that it was a social media manager who accidentally liked a "lingerie" post from the Pope's Instagram account, we just want to say: we all make mistakes. Stay strong, friend. 💪

While Instagram investigates that issue, let's dig into a few other social media items, including:
  • WYNTK about Twitter's version of Stories, called Fleets
  • Instagram updates to search, Guides and branded content
  • Mental health supports for social media managers
  • And Princess Diana shines on social media thanks to The Crown
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 The deets on Fleets  

If you opened last week's e-newsletter, you might remember reading about the vertical post trend. Further proof: Twitter recently announced the global launch of its Stories features, called "Fleets." This is the biggest update to the social media platform since it doubled its 140-character limit to 280 in 2017. So it's worth spending a bit of time on. Here we go...
 How to use Fleets 
Thankfully, the feature is fairly straightforward to use.
1. Open the Twitter app on your phone (I haven't seen it on desktop yet).
2. At the top of the app, you should see your profile picture with a plus sign beside it. Click on that.
3. When it opens, it defaults to camera roll. But at the bottom of the screen, you should see various options, including: text, camera roll, capture, video. 
4. With camera roll, capture and video, you can also add simple text with a background colour if you'd like.
5. Once it's ready to post, click on the "Fleet" button in the top right-hand corner. It will live for 24 hours before disappearing.

 How it's going 
When LinkedIn launched Stories in September, there were a few creators posting to the new feature, but not many others. In contrast, Fleets was so popular that Twitter had to slow down the rollout after many reported the feature was lagging or causing the app to crash. There were also some privacy and security concerns that Twitter responded to Sunday night, such as whether Fleets actually disappear after 24 hours (true). Another potential issue pointed out by Mashable is that any message sent via Fleets goes directly into your DMs. And for many women, that means so-called "reply guys" have a new way to send a message. Hopefully a fix is coming for that. In the meantime, Twitter is testing a voice-chat room that it hopes will curb harassment on the site, according to The Verge. The first people to get access to testing: women and those in marginalized communities.
 How brands can use Fleets 
When Instagram launched Stories, it did so because the founders realized that a lot of content that wasn't "perfect" for the grid was being discarded. So Stories was a place to share that more informal, behind-the-scenes type of content. Twitter used similar positioning when announcing Fleets. But the problem is, information is the star of Twitter, not images. So it will be interesting to see what happens in the days and weeks ahead. But the fact that the content appears at the top of the app is reason enough to at least try it out. Here are some suggestions for how you might want to do that:
  • Show your brand's personality — Think: pictures from your life 
  • Expand on a tweet with more details — I recently did this for a client by tweeting a few 'pretty' pics, and then sharing additional images and videos in Fleets
  • A look back — for example, you could feature your own tweets from the past week, or top tweets you've collected
Either way, it's important to remember that Fleets are Stories, and as such, the best ones will have a narrative, and a purpose.
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 Instagram elves are busy 
Following the big announcement from Instagram earlier this month that it was launching Reels and Shop tabs in the home screen navigation, the social media company isn't taking any time to rest. In fact, it announced several new updates last week:
  • The search function on Instagram has been updated to include "Interests." Previously, you could only search hashtags and usernames.
  • Guides, which Instagram made available to a few Creators in May, is now expanding to all users. These feel very much like mini blog posts. If you want to see what one looks like, you can find examples on these accounts: @afspnational, @heads_together.
  • Instagram also announced new ways to brand content, including adding branded content tags to Reels, a new process for advertisers who want to create branded content, and tappable ads for branded content in Stories
 We're watching you 
Facebook continues to roll out new messaging features that it promised in an October update, including "Watch Together." This one actually started rolling out in September, but Facebook mentioned it again last week. "When you update to the new messaging experience on Instagram, you and your friends can tune into IGTV, Reels, TV shows, movies and trending videos in real-time over video chat," Facebook said in a blog post. You can watch videos with up to eight people on a Messenger video call and up to 50 people in Rooms. As an individual, you could try this out as a personal hang. As a brand, you could try using it to connect with staff, volunteers, donors, or community members. In addition to Watch Together, Facebook also announced new chat themes, and an interesting integration with K-Pop sensation BTS.
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The social media world was engulfed in a major controversy earlier this week when videos surfaced of social media influencer Charli D'Amelio and her sister, Dixie, that weren't exactly flattering. In one, Charli talks about wanting to get to 100 million TikTok followers (which some took to mean she was ungrateful for the 95+ million followers she already had). In the other video, sister Dixie is shown throwing up a snail that a personal chef included in a dish (paella) prepared for a family dinner. 

Yes, these weren't great videos. But they also weren't worth the vitriol that they sparked. Charli, 16, posted a tearful video on Instagram Live saying that based on the comments, she wasn't even sure if she wanted to continue posting on social. And while she lost about 1 million followers during the peak of the controversy, she has since hit that 100-million target (just one year after having 1 million followers, btw).

But, you don't have to have 100 million followers to have faced this type of hatred on social media. Lots of people deal with this every day, including social media managers who have to personally manage the fallout from poor executive decisions and PR blunders.

In my latest blog post, I share some tips on how to protect yourself during a social media crisis.
Read the blog
 Princess Di is trending 
It's been 23 years since Princess Diana died. But Season 4 of The Crown on Netflix has reignited the world's love for 'The People's Princess' (and hatred for Prince Charles and his long-time love, Camilla). This has been amplified on platforms like TikTok, where people are posting pics of Princess Di set to the Stevie Nicks hit "Edge of Seventeen" — like this one. Just search #thecrown on TikTok and you'll see a variety of videos and content from new and old Royal Watchers alike. And if you start to see people wearing biking shorts and oversized sweatshirts, you can also thank Princess Diana, who continues to shine even after her death.
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