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San Francisco Expands Plastic 
Bag Ban

In San Francisco alone, environmental officials estimate they spend $8.5 million annually to deal with plastic bag litter. City officials plan to enforce the ordinance beginning in October, but it won’t apply to restaurants until 2013. Stores that violate the ban would face fines of $100 for the first infraction, $200 for the second and $500 each time after that. So what's a business to do? We will show you:

Artisan Beer Tasting & Silent Auction at the Campagna Center

BLT Shirt Printers is a proud sponsor of the Campagna Center's Artisan Beer Tasting & Silent Auction on March 9, 2012 in Alexandria, VA. It's their New Neighbors program which for eleven years has succeeded in providing a welcoming, diverse, multi-cultural community, where adult students and children thrive in an atmosphere of friendship and hospitality. They offer high quality, low cost English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction and family literacy programs to help transform the lives of over 300 adults and 140 children each year by providing skills and experience they need to become self-sufficient, fully participating members of the community.

Click here to learn more about this amazing organization and come out to support them, and to see us of course, on March 9th!

Car Dealerships Understand Promotional Items

During this time of year, between the Super Bowl commercials and the President’s Day Sales, automobile dealers and manufacturers are engaged in the hard sell to get you to buy a new car or a new “pre-owned” car. They have figured out ways to make a deal on price in every conceivable way – from no money down, to 0% interest, to cash back. When they are not pushing price they are selling their services, and using every branding tool they can dream up.


Let’s Get Physical with Custom Branded Performance Wear

We thought about attaching a video of us working out in our custom branded performance wear, but then we decided that Halloween is months away and there’s no reason to scare our readers today! So instead we are going to share with you some photos of two well-known fitness experts, Lisa Reed and Brian Wright, in their custom branded work-out clothes to give you some ideas about 


Aye Matey – Get to Branding

Sometimes there are brands that are just so obviously recognizable that you instantly know the name of the product and company. It would be hard to miss the iconic Coca-Cola bottle or the Nike swoop or the Apple with the missing bite. What made us think about this is because we visited the oldest town in America this week and we saw one of the first internationally recognized brands – the Jolly Roger. Those pirates knew what they were doing and their brand struck fear in the hearts of everyone who spied it.

Promotional Items for Tradeshows

Tradeshows are an absolute must for most industries and while they are expensive, tiring, and chaotic, they are also an unmatched opportunity for your company to meet with hundreds if not thousands of prospects and customers. Tradeshows are a lot of work but the reward can be very high so we offer a few ideas about maximizing your company’s exposure at a tradeshow.


Use Custom Branded Items to Upsell Your Customers

Every single time you fill an order from a customer you have an opportunity to upsell. Of course your primary responsibility is to provide to your customer exactly what she ordered in a timely way. But, once you’ve accomplished that then it’s time to think ahead. How can you get that customer to order again, and soon? Custom screen printed and embroidered branded apparel is the answer!

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